The Answer To Stiffness, Soreness And Pain...

I was referred to purchase a Theracane ( from my physical therapist after an injury to my neck and shoulders (overdid the shoveling!).

This instrument, which requires NO batteries and no electrical connection, has made a miraculous impact on my life. I am pleased to add that I am a Christian who has prayed for an answer to the frustration and difficulty of limited mobility for a long time. I was actually deep down in the pit when God rescued me through the realization of this product and what it is doing in my life.

In January of 2000, chest tubes were inserted on the right side of my upper body after a lung collapse. In January of 2006, I was involved in a car wreck that left all three bones in my right leg shattered and including a compound fracture. The femur is supposed to be like concrete and virtually impossible to break. Over the years, my body seems to have built up scar tissue that has left one miserable person that thought there was NO way out. This instrument (a deep tissue massage tool) is slowly, but surely, bringing my body to a state of comfort and release it has not known like as in EVER. All of my adult years, I have tended to be a couch potato and have not practiced healthy eating habits.

Now that my body is going through a healing process, I am fully aware of all the affects the scar tissue damage was having - including, but not limited to:

Difficulty breathing
Stuffy nose that it was very difficult to clear (living in a dry climate, but knowing NOONE else who suffered this dilemma as drastically as I did)
Difficulty typing
Did not sing very well (I am a smoker, but now sing a ton better than before the extended use of the Theracane)
Very limited blood flow
VERY itchy scalp - nothing seemed to relieve this
Severe depression
Body odor
Since the car accident, difficulty walking
Thick callouses on my big toe (both feet) and heel (both feet)
Anxiety level through the roof

There are several factors I am sure can be attributed to the disappearance of ALL of these side effects, but I KNOW the Theracane has played a large part in this healing process.

I want to make sure you are aware that this has not been a pleasant process. There have been high levels of discomfort and pain as I have been working loose excessive amounts of scar tissue in my body (like a bottle with the plug released, or a stagnant pond that is {after many years of stagnation} being allowed fresh water). I am not licensed or knowledgeable in the medical field to take any responsibility for your own personal use of this product and the adverse affects you may experience. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I would, however, like to say that, in my experience, the only problem was that I was not aware of the correct use of this product and experienced a rock-hard and very swollen lower right leg because I attempted prematurely to work out this area of the scar tissue damage that was layers thick. This involved a couple of ER visits concerning the doctor that there might be a blood clot (which, fortunately, was not the case). If I could do it over, I would have begun the process in my upper body - upper right chest, then upper left (carefully), and then work my way down to my lower body. The blood flow prior to the Theracane was most assuredly less than 10%. As I have used this product over the last few months, I am beginning to feel the blood flowing much more freely through my body.

If this testimony can change ONE person's life, it is worth it to me. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor to know the peace and comfort I have been experiencing more and more in the last few months. This product cost me $30.00 and was worth EVERY penny, and then some.


Diane B

PS:  This video, "You Are My Hero," by Dennis Jernigan, is a salute to the military. The words are very powerful in my life also, however, because of what God means to me. He is my hero.

dilynn1718 dilynn1718
41-45, F
Jul 10, 2010