He Really Knows How To Work A Crowd.

The best ever concert experience. Last October, (2009) our local concert venue was slated to be closed and demolished. It was an ancient and small venue called the Spectrum. In the greater scheme of things, it wasn't all that old. Maybe 40 years? But those years the Spectrum was rode hard and put away wet, as the horse saying goes. The concrete was permanently stained with urine and dirt in the restrooms (and no doubt on the outside walls--as an aside..I do not get guys who do that!) But this story isn't about the Spectrum, but who played the Spectrum before it was scheduled to be closed and demolished. Being located in Philadelphia, one would expect a local (or somewhat local) act to play it to close...maybe Bruce Springsteen? But no, in a somewhat (in my opinion) brilliant sweep of logic the management asked Pearl Jam to close the Spectrum. 4 Nights. Sold out. October 27, 28, 30th and 31th. I had the pleasure of attending the show on the 28th. I had bought tickets to other Pearl Jam shows, for my husband and son, but never went myself. This night I chose to go, and boy am I glad I did. The band's goal was to play their entire catalog during this tour. They made their playlist, interspersing new material from their most recent release with songs that they have not played in public in a long time. Sometimes it worked, and well, sometimes it didn't, but Eddie Vedder never showed himself to be anything but a guy enjoying himself playing music. Mike McCready as well, was so accomplished with his guitar that you never wanted him to stop playing whatever song he played. Stone Gossard as well on guitar was as good as he ever was, Jeff Ament on bass keep things going. Matt Cameron's drums were seemless and Boom Gaspar on keyboards...the melody of ever World Wide Suicide was evident. Push Me Pull Me was better than it ever could be on CD. More melodic. Each song was an adventure. And Eddie worked the crowd. He worked the front rows, he worked the back, I sat behind the stage to the left. And he worked our usually forgotten about section. Dedicating Wishlist to us. I couldn't ask for a nicer gift. Through out the show, we got updates on the Yankees / Phillies game. Ed made sure to mention each Phil's player by name....Shane Victorino, Rauol Ubanez, etc. got songs dedicated to them. For a band from the West coast I thought that was terrific. I wouldn't have expected that kind of respect. It showed the band & Ed cared and thought about our area. It will forever live in my memory as my best concert experience.
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I am so envious!!! Like Geetarjo, I got into Pearl Jam late (really late, like in the past year) and have missed all the tours. Now, I would KILL to see them. I have some DVD's of them in concert and they are truly awesome live, I can see. Eddie gives it everything he's got....no skimping on notes, or ex<x>pression. They are all truly gifted musicians. Wow.

In you belong to the ONE club (go onlilne) you can see if the show you say was recorded. I bought the show I saw as it was. So I get to relieve the show via CD. They don't record everyshow, but many. So good luck. and I agree with you...I didnt pay much mind, back in the day, when I should have.