My Sister Has Turned My Niece Against Me And My Family.

Years ago, my sister had a baby Girl and she was an awesome child.
My sister had problems, she still does, but back then it was drinking, carousing and partying all the time.
My parents adopted my Niece to make sure she was taken care of and my sister had no problem signing over her rights.
The father didn't hesitate either because it got him out of paying child support.
Over the years she divorced my Niece's father and re-married several times.
Her latest marriage was to a man over 20 Years her Senior and in the last 10 Years he has manipulated her so bad it isn't funny.
The first thing he did when they got married was to take all her nice clothes and burn them all in the back yard.

Since then he's taken away all her control and has even tried to get custody of my Niece after finding out she was receiving Social Security.
The fight has went on for Years and in the mean time he's started taking my sister to a Pentecostal church and has warped her mind to the point she sees demons coming from everywhere.
When my Niece would go visit them for a weekend she'd come home confused and it took about 2 weeks to get her mind back to normal.

2 Years ago my father passed away and since then my sister and her husband have really worked hard in getting my Niece away from my Mother.
About 10 Months ago my Niece moved in with them and since then they have manipulated her to the point she's given up everything, including her clothes and games.
Mow she wears drab Blue jean Skirts and does nothing but go to school and church.
2 Weeks ago I heard that she has given up Band, something she truly loved doing because her Mother and step father told her the secular music they where playing was unacceptable to church doctrine.
She even gave away her Converse Shoes because the pastor told her they where un Godly.

Now it's Summer and I always try to plan a little get away for a couple of Days to get out and have fun.
We usually go to the Zoo, Aquarium or Amusement Park and some Museums.
Well, this Year apparently they have convinced my Niece that our family is un Godly so when we asked if she wanted to go my Sister called the next day and told me that she didn't want to go with us.
She said it was nothing personal but I know what's going on because when we mentioned it my Niece got all excited but the next Day everything changed.

It really breaks my heart to see a child being manipulated in such a manner.
There really isn't anything I can do about it, but it hurts, hurts to the very core of my soul that someone would use religion to manipulate a child in such a way.

I guess all I can do is keep being there for her and pray that things work out in time.
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hun we will get threw this..

this has has hurt not only donald i but this has hurt our daughter victoria becalse her and anna are very clost. my daughter is 16 and anna is 15 . my donaughter this is ripping her appart . but we keep holding our daughter and telling there pray for anna and till love her no matter what all happends becalse she will need uncle donald and auntie karla (me) this is going to most of all tare the family appart we can stand our own but the girls will suffer the most as sis tares the family appart . i feel if money wasnt a factor in this anna would be with her grandmother that graised sents she was born.<br />
her mothers been controled . and the step dad wants all controle of anna too. his daughter the step dad 's birth daughter is so badly hooked drugs she had 2 kids and gave them to his ex wife its all so sad the meantal abuse . but donald and i will always watch our for both girls i even want to set them up for collage but i cant take the chance on her step dad taking her collage money. its a big mess . we will always have a home for both girls no matter what happends to them we love them no matter what anna and victoria

Yes stay there for her there may be a time when she needs you and she needs to know she can count on you. Prayers goahead