My Life Was A Lie...

I was never crying never frowning, i was always so radiant and bright so happy and energetic.... because i had him. He took away my stress and my worries i feel like for almost the past year i've lived for him.... and then out of the blue he realizes he doesn't love me..... God how i wanted to drive straight into a ******' tree when i went to drop his stuff off.... he broke up with me thursday after we had just hung out tuesday, i was just asking him if he wanted to hang out and just like that.... he broke my heart. I've never had my heart broken but now i can't eat i can hardly sleep and all i do when im not at work or with friends is cry.... i feel so hollow... so used (considering he said his love for me turned into sex, and he no longer felt any love for me...) in fact it's pretty hard to write this and cry.... I want my stupid make-up wearing long haired low hygeine idiot back.... he completes me....... i don't think i care about anything anymore....
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that is so sad. Im on a break with my boyfriend, dont really know whats going to happen in the future. he says his feeelings have changed, I hardly talk to him, its so horrible. I feel sick all the time and when im alone i feel it most. my advice would be to surround yourselves with loved ones , your friends and family and start to move on. Time will heal.

Hey i feel your pain,i am a divorcee,love was all to me,i was going thru this site and i found a lady's profile called gabriellamonroe,i followed up on the story she told of a lovespell caster,i mailed him and he seemed real,maybe its me,coincidence or psychology,its working for me,i am 39,i guess u are younger,try him for your own

just keep strong if your love is meant to be he will come back to you. Maybe not today but one day he will.<br />
just try and get strong again.If you dont love yourself how can he love you.<br />
<br />
be strong<br />
<br />
xxsamscleverboxxxx<br />