Broken Hearted

Family and friends have all broken my heart in some way this year but the worst and biggest pain of all was losing my relationship with my now ex who i have known since i was 12 years old.we were together 17 years.there is nothing i can do i can not change what has happened.what he did or how i feel.i am broken hearted i have been with him half my life.ending a relationship is very hard but sometimes it takes more strength to know when to walk away then to live in misery.
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this is so sad. that is sucha long time together. I am heartbroken right now split up with my bf after 3 and a half years. yes there is a small chance we could get back together but who knows. Just remember recovery is in stages anger guilt depression withdrawal and then acceptance. yes there will be an end to the misery. surround urselves with your loved ones and smile.

thank you idlewatcher your sweet :)

Keeping you in my thoughts :)

thank you :) things will be ok i just have to deal with what i is life.i want to be happy so i will work to acheive this.

I will be thinking of you and hoping that those calls give you some good news.You deserve a break after all the **** you been through sence i have known you.<br />

i went and got some phone numbers today i will be making calls tomorrow and i have 2 meetings which will hopefully help so i am not homeless

there are mediators out there that don't charge, perhaps speak with them?

Your friends will help you get through this,i'll do all i can

thank you so much beautifulbell :)

I'm so sorry for how your feeling, I know its hell been there. Things will get better, I know it feels like it never will. But it Will!!!! Sometimes walking awayn is the best thing for us to do, its horrible to live in misery. You deserve to be happy!

i am trying to stay strong just fearful i will be homeless and lose my daughter my ex has money and i dont.he wants the house i can stay with him in charge that would be easy but a slow sad life.

sometime the hardest thing for us to do is the best thing we can do for ourselves.....stay strong sweetie. *hugs*

Hello i hope things go well for you also.its hard when you think you know someone well and they change and things end.

hi, Im going through the same feelings, my gf of 4 years just broke up with me this week, and I know what u r going thru its hard to have a "normal" life again and u feel like nothing but sharing ur feelings to others is first step to recover. Hope that everything gets better and wish u the best. And if u need to talk to someone feel free to send me a msg.

thank you :) so much for your does get very hard and feels hopeless but your right one step at a time is the only way to go.if i look to far back or too far forward my life will feel so daughting.but living each day and doing my best is the only way.

From what you told me about your X,you did the right thing by leaving him.He should of treated you better.

i want to be loved but my ex may love me still it ended badly i had to ask him to leave.thank you for your comment and help.

I was going through a post by a lady called gabriellamonroe,,i think on this site and she said she got her ex who she loved so much Back from spellcasting,she droppewd a mail which i contacted,the man seemed real..if you want to be loved by fam,friends and Ex..maybe you should give him a with LOVE..

thank you for your comment i hope i will it just hard because i still have to deal with all the after things once a relationship has etc.

cheer up you will get over it