It Just Keeps Hurting More...

A few years ago I fell in love with the most romantic, caring, and compassionate man I had ever met. We ended up getting engaged, moving half across the country and we have the most amazing (yet trying at times) daughter. We've made plans, we've been so happy, the couple that other couples hope to one day be. I lost my job then (with his encouragement) went back to school and times got a little tough and stressful when it comes to money but otherwise things have been wonderful. Then 2 weeks ago today I had a terrible day, came home to our daughter acting up like crazy and in the middle of the night he sits up and tells me that we are not working anymore and he doesn't want to try. He still loves me and my daughter but is not in love anymore and doesn't want to be with anyone else, but can't stay with us either. Says he wants to stay good friends and still live together until I graduate and get a job unless he finds a great deal on another place or our rent goes up.
I have no way to get a job without quitting school, which I graduate in November. The whole reason I went back to school was because I couldn't get a job out here... so if I quit school I'll be in that same place. Each day he is the great him that I fell in love with for a moment then turns cold and heartless.
The pain and hurt keeps dragging on and each day getting worse rather than better...

I wish this pain would subside
Knudsenbrazee Knudsenbrazee
2 Responses Jul 22, 2011

I am sorry that he is still there and it just gets worse for you but stay in school it will only be better for you and your daughter in the long run.

That sounds like the world is ending for you. I am so sorry... My advice? Go home to your family with your daughter ASAP. They'll be strong for you...