Didn't See It Coming

I am in love with the father of my kids who happens to be the most disrespectful
Lying n munipulative man on this earth he has done so much to heart me n keep
Me down but yet I don't want to be with no one else two weeks before we was suppose
To move to a new apartment he disappeared on me without no warning the part that
Hurts the most is I thought that he finally changed n wanted to be a better man
For me n our babies but everything out his mouth was just a lie n I didn't see it coming
I havnt spoken to him since he don't even have enough heart to check on his kids
Who is only seven months n two years old I been trying to deal with the hurt the
Best I can but I have no one to talk to bcuz when I hurt I shut everyone out I just want to
Forget about him I was hurting with him now I'm hurting even more without him
shontae27 shontae27
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2011

awww :( Im sorry that "boy" was such a **** to you. He is running because he is scared. Sometimes guys dont want or know how grow up, so they run from problems. Dont let him get to you, sometimes you have to get through the bad dead beat men before you get to the get ones. If he comes back dont give him the time of day! Stay strong :) <br />BV~