Heart Break

I am in Love with a wonderful man and the father of me daughter, we have been together almost 11years and married almost 3 years. He told me today that he thinks we need time apart, he thinks we need to find ourselves and so now I am just lost, I am not sure if we are done or he just wants a break to get his head together or what!! I tried to go out to a friends and ended up having a drink and getting so sick from everything I just wanted to come home, so I have been home now since 8 or 9 and can't sleep or eat anything He went away with the daughter for a couple days and I don't want to bug him I want to give him time but I just want to hear his voice and let me know everything is ok and tell him I love him and I want to be hear for him and I want us to work this out together but I am so afraid I have lost him forever How do you pick up the pieces from the only person that you ever truly loved, your best friend and soul mate How do you get back to everything after 11 years and a daughter I just feel lost inside and have no idea where to start!!!!
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Well everyone I have news!! my husband and I are going to work things out and I am so happy. we have both talked and we have both had our problems but we love each other and some time away made us realize just how much we mean to each other!

Thank you for all the comments on my story!!

I totally feel you, dear. I am kind of in the same situation but the magnitude is way smaller - I've only been with this guy for 6 months and I have been feeling as if I have found a real keeper. To be honest, I've never had such a long relationship before - up until now it has never worked out so well. I found that me and him compliment each other. All in all - I have felt good, that I could trust him and generally all warm and cozy inside.<br />
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However today he told me he needs time to figure things out in his life. He said he had been living easily for way too long and haven't thought of long term goals and so on. I think he wants to move on with his life, I suspect he's not happy with what he's studying. Also, we're both foreigners in London, and his brothers used to live in the city but they moved away. He went home for a month recently and I believe he might feel that he has to be somewhere else.<br />
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He didn't say he wants to break up, he said he needs time on his own. I suppose it means the same.<br />
I am very confused as well. I don't know what to think. I thought things were going amazing. I totally saw us together for more time. I was struggling to remain in London for being with him. The idea of being together made me push and try hard to get my documents settled and stuff. But now that things are stabilizing he wants to go find himself.<br />
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I believe he wants to live more - he thinks he's too young to take things seriously. <br />
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I don't know, but I TOTALLY feel you and I really hope that your man, the father of your child will come back and will realize how happy he is with you. Do share what the outcome would be!

thank you

thank you I will try but right now it is hard and I am confused but I have to be strong and hope things work out for the best

right now I can't dream of being with anyone but him and wait I will but the feeling of him maybe being with someone else is devastating in itself but if he feels that is the way he has to do it then I guess <br />
I know what you mean about the drinking I tried to go out tonight and have a couple and I just got sick I guess stress and drinking does not work well The thing I need to do is find out how to sleep I have tried but it is a no go I just toss and turn and hold his pillow cause it smells like him I am crying less but worrying more <br />
I have to work monday and don't have any idea how to deal with that At least it will be a break from this maybe be able to get it off my mind a bit

thank you very much for that but I just have no idea how to stop the hurt until that happens I can't eat or sleep, all I do is cry and get sick everyone around me wants to help but I just feel alone and don't want to be with anyone I just want my family to walk back in the door <br />
I am so scared he is going to be with someone else in this break and that hurts to think but what do I say Are we still together or not does being on break mean we are free to do whatever or does it mean something else

I hate to offer advise but being on break, should mean from all relationships, not a chance to explore new territory to see if you like it better. Talk to him and make sure your on the same page! Hang in there ! Hope he comes to his senses! Your a wonderful catch!