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On my heart & memory..............Rosa died this morning....she gave the fight against cancer everything she'd got, but it was just too much. I love her and I hope I made her happy & didn't let her down in anyway.......I've searched my memories and I only see her happy......eating, sunbathing, deciding who got onto the driveway and house,camping in the kitchen right in front of the oven every christmas eve to "guard" the turkey, hogging the bed & quilt...this is for you baby love you & I'll always miss you...xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sparklingdiamonds sparklingdiamonds 31-35, F 5 Responses Sep 15, 2011

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That was a friendship made in heaven, I'm sure. You gave Rosa a life full of love.<br />
In the end, we all have our dear memories, when our pet goes to pet heaven.

so very sorry for your loss! she will always, always be with you.

thank you...I hope so

Rosa knew you loved her and that you still do. Shes still with you, in your heart.

Thanks guys..just hurts so

Rosabelle loved you very much, Sweetie, and she knew that you loved her with all your heart. We are all here to support you and Love you very much. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx