She Broke Her Promise

Well I have had a crush on a guy for a while now and I wanted to ask him out but I was nervous. So I thought it would be best if I asked my friend's advice, she told me that she needed to met the guy before she figured out what I should do. Because she is my best friend I introduced her to him, I told her not to hit on him. She tried to hit on him, it made me feel really bad, did she really not care about our friendship? My friend after meeting him begging me to say good things about her when I was talking to him, talk her up more less. I gave in after a few weeks of her hasstling me. He didn't seem interested in her, but I was trying to be a good friend for her and more less changed his mind. He agreed to go on a date with her, after a few dates they told everyone they were officially dating. Since then, I felt horrible.

She doesn't deserve him, I know I sound spitful and mean but it's the truth. She has cheated on her last two boyfriends and I don't want him to get hurt. I was trying to be the bigger person by telling myself over and over that friends came before misters. The sad truth is she has never been a good friend. Whenever I was sad she would just change the topic, like I really can't believe I talked her up to him. I miss him, he was only my friend a few months before I began having feelings for him but he was there for me more than she was there for three years.

I know I'm young and people think I don't know much about love or anything but I know when I miss someone. Should I tell him? Let him go and get his heart broken like the rest? Should I smile and play along with them? Or should I just stop talking to both of them because this is killing me.

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Hope you could find better friends and much better boy friend.

You should tell him and stop behng friends with your "friend". She stole him and act like it was nothing.

i am not very good at relationships but what i can tell u is don't worry about it there will be other guys and your friend dose not seem to be your friend at all. if she changes the subject is she really doing that for you. just don't do anything to to destroy his idea of you he still is your friend. who knows you may still have a chance maybe he was intended to have his heart broken as evil as it sounds. he might of needed to see how bad some people are before going out with some 1 like u.<br />
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good luck

thanks for ur advice :)

Baby listen to me learn from this learn ok !! Women yall have just as dumb or even more stupid ideas about the rules of dating and womanship thats just as worse as guys lame *** Bros before Hoes that is usually said by and Undercover ****** in the group that never gets any ***** and don't want his friends to get any and leave him standing there by himself with no guys around. Now I understand if U have the type of friend who will see U out for any kind of woman that even gets close enough for him to say and GOD forbid if she speaks to him he is tossing a friend out the window and to the wolves!! This is why back to you women why U have to be strong and not count on these womanly bonds so much true women should stick together to make sure they get home safe and not go off with some guy that may kill your friend but you should never hate on your friend just because he is interested in her wait your turn and a guy will come to you same thing goes to the guys wait your turn it will come!! But back the you let me tell U one thing girls don't like weak guys, well guess what guys don't like weak girls either !! You went wrong in even asking her about the guy and really off track when you allowed her to meet him either you really were not into him or you really depend on your friends way too much. Guys like the aggressive out-going girl , you say he didnt really like her but yet she is the one with him which should have been you , Im sorry if Im sounding mean I am just so sick of women allowing their so called friends to do them like that but guess what she couldn't unless U allowed her!! Now I know U probably are pissed off with Me and may say **** him who is he its your right you can do that but I have given U some very good advice which I should get paid for to tell you the truth never have to ok what you have to do in your life with anybody except your dam self because you will find out that people will always step on you and take that for an act of weakness and look out for themselves , Male or Female and thats the truth!!

Yeah, I see where you're coming from '-'