Dont Know How To Stop Loving Her

i am a 29 year old guy...never been in any relationship ever until i met this girl from australia 5 years ago and since then my life has changed.She is a single mom with 2 beautiul little kids,i wanted to marry her and  be with her and the kids forever but my parents were against it .
It is a long distance relationship now for almost 4 years,we have met thrice in last 4 years only and spent around 1 month together everytime we met.But things have changed  alot during the 4 years.My g/f fell in love with another guy bcoz long distance was getting tough for her and they both slept and got engaged and dont know what went wrong between them ,she came back to me and i couldnt see her hearbroken and crying and i love her too much and made my heart melt so i accepted her back and we carried on its been 2 years since then and i found out that she been using dating sites and trying to find a guy for her bcoz i havent been able to marry her yet i think...she wants me to leave me parents and come to her and i was ready to do that before but once i found she cheated on me ,id dint think it was worth it and wanted to convince my parents to accept us but its taking a long time.
However she seems to have run out f patience and despite being claiming to be in love with me she is searching for other guys on dating sites and asking for help. It hurts me immensely to get cheated again and again by the only girl i have ever loved in my life...I want to go away from her life and let her free to do what evr she wants bcoz i cant take it anymore.
Ihave stopped talking to her now and am trying to go out from her life....maybe she can find a nice man then and be with someone who can be physicaly present with her 

But i dont know how to stop loving matter what she does or says,i think of her every single day ,it just hurts to think about her and why she couldnt be loyal to me the second time as well,seems like i was only an option for her never her true love but i cant think of anyone else but her.
vikassinghal82 vikassinghal82
May 13, 2012