It really sucks to like a friend more than you should, especially when its more than a crush. Im basically in that position... it really sucks. Most days i cant even get my mind off her, and even at night it can be hard not to dream about her.... a while back there was a week or so that every dream i had included her. I have had plenty of crushes over the years but this isnt just a crush. Its similar, but different. Its like... when you have a crush, all you think about is being with them, when its like this, you just want to make them happy... call me stupid, but I honestly think im in love. The worst part about it, I cant tell her how i feel and i know that she will never feel the same torwards me. I feel so conflicted. Once I finally find the one girl I want to spend the rest of my life with, its just torn away...
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Some times all you can do is walk away. It hurts, makes you feel like your heart is going to explode. How can you just walk away from the girl you love? but sometimes you have to so that life can have its cruel moment. But thats what it is. One cruel moment of life, and after you battle through it, even though i know it seems like you cant, you have to! Because in the end, you want to be able to say... is that all you got? cuz im still standing... and there is nothing better than being able to say that to LIFE itself !! Let it throw **** at you my man! battle on with the heart of a Lion! and i promise you ... there will be a day, when you will be looking at all the **** you went through and have a smile on your face saying you conquered life!!!

Wow must really suck I feel bad for u wish I could help

Listen ur what 13-15 years old k, ur not even close to half way through life and I bet u think ther will neeeeever be another girl like her but, and I hate to be cold- please be chill cuzz you got it good better have the one you love not know than have them know only to have them betray you, at ur age at least. Buy truthfully i think you should tell her, that you " like" her you never know the tables could turn in ur favor and as it turns out that girl may be secretly crushing on you, but you never know till you try ;)

U will find someone to understand u and will wont to spend the rest of their life with you