Ima gonna tell u from the start:
basically it was my birthday, & i was on facebook,
then i saw a message from my tight boy, ( we had a close bro and sis love relationship)
he said do yu wanna go out with me, i said ask me tht question tomorrow at skl and ill answer
he was desperate to know the answer but i said he had to wait,
so the nxt day i said yes,
everything was going well untill.... like a month later
there was this girl who told my bestfriend (my boyfriends ex) about how this boy is all over her and how hes saying
he regrets going out with me and his ashamed of going out with me,
obvii my best friend told me this on fb, i was literally crying my eyes out
then i saw he was online he messaged me a heart,
then i told him everything i heard, he denyed and said that aint true
you are my angel my world, my everything i would neva do that: he lied to me
we had a big argument, at the end he said is this argument finished,
i said no, until we go up to that girl and say why she lied to me,
that was when he said:
**right now im serious and now i sayin the truth... look im being a d***head yes i know
im stupid i did like her a little bit when we're going out...den i said to her i dont like her anymore
i love 'me' no matter what so go ahead be angry at me coz now i told you the truth.
I said i cnt f******* believe it
he said i fricking told you the truth what do you expect me to do
i said i know you dnt love me no more, yu neva did, yu played me,
he said hes gonna prove it that he loves me and he did,
(but if he loves me, he should prove it everyday,) so then
again we had a argument of who loves who more then i said:
if yu love me more than i love you, why did you like that girl?
he said i done a mistake, forgive me or are yu gonna dump me? i said i cnt coz i love you.
i love him so much, but wht he done to me was a disgrase. when i werent around and that he
flirted with that girl, and said all those s***

So I Forgived Him. I Gave Him The Second Chance He Begged For.

but then the nxt day he wrote a big paragraph saying
how he wants to break up and be bro and sis. i didnt let, i forced him to tell me the real reason why
he wanted to break up and he said you wont trust me no more and were falling apart. then he said
lets start all ova again, a new start so i said yh. so were still going out. also he promised me that he will
neva lie to me again, he sweared to allah he wont.

ohkay so that was sorted but the problem is
1. i cant trust him, i try but i cnt
2. im scared he dnt love me and that: im jealous when i see him with other girls
3. we aint close no more, we dnt even talk that much no more.
what really worrys me is:
if we break up, i know hes gonna want to be bro and sis & were gonna be close.
but why cant we be close now? why cant we hug each other all the time, spend time
together while were going out and not when were bro and sis?
i want to be close with him and not distanced, i dont wanna break up
1. i love him so much
2. im worried that noone will love me like he did and he is what i need, so i cnt regret going out with him.

so you lot everyone tell me, what shall i do? how can i win my fears??
if you wanna ask me more bout this relationship you can and i will answer.
i really need help otherwise im gonna be in big depression.
should i carry on this relationship?
is my thoughts nonsense, is it right to feel that way?

p.s my writing aint that good, so sorry if you dnt get it
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Hmm well the way I see it you should try and find another guy the right guy and trust me he will love you more then this guy and he will make you feel happy instead of hurting you! But if you really don't want to break up then you really need to talk about the problem talk about how other girls make you jealous it's a hard position to be in goodluck :)

We Broke Up, He Said He Wants To Be Single For A While & He Thinks We Aint Close No More. The Truth Is I Found Out Yesterday From Another Girl Is The Main Reason He Dumped Me Was Coz He Likes Her, 4 Days Be4 He Dumped Me He Started Liking Her & Told The Girl. The Girl Told Me? What Shall I Do Now? I Need To Pay Him Back For All The Things He Done To Me? And I Aint Exaggerating. 1. He Liked Another Girl In Our Relationship. 2. He Flirted With Her When I Aint Around. 3. He Say So Many Words And Regrets To Her. 4. I Told Him I Know. He Regreted And Lied And Said He Loves Me. 5. Then He Admited It And Sweared To Allah He Won't Never Lie To Me Again. 6. He Lied To Me Bout He Loved Me And Was Planning To Dump Me. 7. He Was Scared To Dump Me Coz He Didn't Wanna Loose His Girls So He Played And Pretended. 8. He Was Alright When The Same Girl Who He Like Kissed Himm But I Weren't. 9. Before He Dumped Me He Lied To Me Sayin He Loves Me More Than I Do. 10. He Dumped Me Ina Rude Wayy. 11. He Said He Dumped Coz He Thinks We Weren't Close Enough And He Wants To Be Si

Alright i see where you are coming from and i am so sorry i apologize on behalf of the whole male half of the human race hun guys are dickheads thats just it they want sex and they mess with any amount of girls to get it and im sorry for that i for one am not like that but yeah i dont think you should stoop to his level and get revenge you know there are good genuine guys out there look for the more quiet reserved guys you wouldnt usually notice, they are usually the nice ones :)

I Want Him To Feel How I Felt! And Yur Right, Theres Gonna Be Other Boys That Deserve Me. I Kinda Think This Boy Likes Me Coz Like When All This Happened He Was Behind Me The Whole Time. When My Ex Broke Up W/ Me, He Acc Stood Up For Me, Backed Me Up, He Had A Argument W/ My Ex On Bbm, He Was Proper Sticking Up For Me. And Now He Aint Talking To My Ex. But Like Be4 Me And My Ex Went Out, Both Of Them Were Tight & Now I Kinda Blame Myself For Them 2 Not Talking. The Boys Like To me Dw, Idc Bout Him He's A ***** ANd That. I Ask Him Why Do Yu Even Care SO Much? He Changes The Subject. I Dunno..

Help ASAP!