A Broken Heart..

i was dating such an amazing guy.. we lasted for 9 months but he decided to break up. it was all good even tho thing went down hills cuz of ppl.. we tried to make it last n still great. but he couldnt handle it any more. a week after we broke up.. he got wit a girl tat i just made up wit and acutally became friends with. it crushed my heart when i heard bout it.. he was really my first true love.. i was so mad n heart broken. evreyday i cried n hurt my self. it went crazy evrey time. i didnt no wat to do. i wanted to kill my self rite on the spot. no one understood me. i was crushed and broken. ppl was trying to help me with all kinds of way but i kept hurting my self.. i hate this feeling..
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2 Responses Aug 7, 2012

Run Your Own Show! Bluewishes09. Your Not Broken Your Sprained! Use the Strength that's deep inside your soul To Be your Krutches! The wound always looks the worst when its first cut! But you Must Know wounds heal and Scars only remind you that you survived the Cut! May God Bless You in all your endevers! Who Knows you could of Dodged a serial Killer! Lol!

How can you call yourself Blue Wishes if you could let One Boy Turn you into Red Nightmares? Don't let People run your life! Trust me I Know! The only way to be Better in life is to learn to love yourself first! No one deserves you More than You! And You Can Not Judge your Whole life on One Experience of Neer Death! Should Actually Make you Stronger! So you could Show Yourself You Are A Survivor. And n turn Show People You are Not Someone They Can Just Step on! Ok! Please Show people your the Bullet Not the Gun! They may be able to pull your triggers! But You And Only You Will Decide To