Help Me Please :(

I've been struggling with my break up recently, which is upsetting to me because I had been doing so well (see past stories for details) since the end of july up through about this week.
I don't miss him, but I'm so angry at all the lies and the cheating and I what's worse is that he has no idea that I know about all of that, as a mutual friend told me about it a few days after he broke up with me. We haven't spoken since the day we broke up, so I haven't confronted him, but all I want is to shame him and let him know I'm not stupid and I am NOT to be taken for a fool. I want him to realize that I know exactly how shady he is, but I can't make myself confront him because I know that deep down, I shouldn't if I want to heal. But I am so mad. I wasn't mad when I first found out, but the anger has been steadily building and now it's to a point where all I want is to punch him in the stomach or put a hole through my wall. I've never felt so hateful and angry, and all I want id for it to go away. I just want him to know that I know, but I don't want to make any contact with him.
It doesn't help because his mother keeps messaging me, just to check on me, which I appreciate because it's sweet, but I find myself slipping backwards and getting upset and angry again when she does.
I don't want to be angry anymore. Is there anyone out there that knows how I feel, that has any words of wisdom?
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Dont waste your time on him girl ! (:
You deserve so much better!! Maybe ring him ? and tell him? (:
Or tell his mother what he did but without to much anger just try and say it steady (:
Chin up Beautiful!

Yes my man cheated on me we been together for 4 years n we have 2 kids he's been cheating on n off n recently I found out again but this ***** dears herself to call me the hoe when she knew he was with me n everything... The point is u should once u do it u will feel better just don't cry be strong actually be ***** n once u leave his side cry all u want n I know u will feel better

I sent him a short facebook message this morning telling him that i knew that he cheated and that I'm aware of the lies he told. I told him that I don't want him to ever talk to me again, then after I sent it, I unfriended him. Seems kinda pathetic, but it was a huge step for me. My biggest problem isn't missing him or wanting him back, it's more about feeling taken advantage of and lied to. I HIGHLY doubt he will read it, at least for a while, but it helped me.
Thanks guys for your advice, it did help.

The only thing I can say is that you need some form of closure. Be it confronting him(that works for some) or writing it all down and burning it(that helps for others), you need something that tells you you won out and that he didn't completely get the drop on you. Regardless of what it turns out to be, I really hope you feel better soon. :c

:( sorry to hear that. I hope somebody helps you soon. I don't know what else to say. Best of hopes to you though, for sure