That Perfect Place

That perfect place.
I’ve been there.
You can stay as long as you like, there is no time there.
I’d like to be there again with you. Alone. Together. Just one, two. One, two.
It’s so nice there, things are quiet and bright. Trees and sunshine. Breeze. Whishhhhhhh.
Lose yourself. I’d like nothing more than to sit in the perfect place with you. Sit and enjoy the grace of perfection, sit and enjoy the one, one, one. But she left us alone there.
We got bored of perfection. It was too sweet. Too perfect. Tight.
We got bored of each other. But that was after.
After the one, one, one. Now WE, the one, were two. It balanced. For a while…
I want to go back! I’ll sit forever this time! I won’t get distracted. But I have to trust you to lose time and space, and exist in love. But ouch! When we left the perfect place, you hurt me. Now I’m scared and angry. Now you’re scared, and angry! We can exist in life, and be dependent, but to live in the love has escaped us.
How do we find our way back to the perfect place? There are too many things in the way here.
When did we leave and WHY?
I’ll whisper your name in my dreams. I’ll call you to the perfect place.
I’ll scream your name in my heart! I’m sorry
And going back won’t fix it, will it?
(I’ll whisper your name in my dreams…)
leddead leddead
18-21, F
Nov 17, 2012