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I've loved the same guy for years, and we were going to get married. We broke up in July, and it's been incredibly long, drawn-out, and painful. He keeps messing with me, and a month ago started texting me and calling again regularly. He said if I was in town for thanksgiving he had wanted to take me out to dinner, and he wanted to come to my city to spend time with me too at some point, and that I'm on the top of his priority list. But suddenly, the last few days I'll text him, and get nothing, the same old problem I encountered with him when we were dating.
I'm so tired of this, because it makes me feel completely worthless and I never understood why he would act like this towards someone he says he loves this much. It's not fair, and I want to move on, but he makes it hard. Some man out there please enlighten me as to what the hell his behavior is all about, because I'm tired of guessing.
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You do not, repeat do not need his permission to move on. What you need is a resolve not to be a push over because my dear that is what you are now. Be warned that moving on does not have to mean that you have to find a new relationship right away, you need some time to regain your independence and self esteem, easily said hard to do, but then anything worthwhile is hard to do. As for him is is a control nut of the worse kind, the only thing that he craves is subservience and pain, he is a real mean dude.

Wow, possibly the best, clearest way I've ever had that put to me. Thank you.

I had the same problem like her and believe me is very difficult and painfull. My ex is in a relationship with someone and he claims that he does not love her he loves me and want me but at the same time he doesnt want to break-up with her. i still loves him so much but it hurts just to think that he is with someone.

He wants to keep you available.