Heartbroken With No Closure...still Do Not Understand What Happened.

I got a divorce last year shortly after having a miscarriage. I knew the marriage was over long ago, and I was able to accept that. I had no plans to get into a serious relationship for long time...Then in March I met who I thought was the love of my life. He was everything I ever wanted. Romantic, loving, said all the things I always wanted to hear, etc. I never considered that someone would ever love me the way I thought he did. He swept me off my feet and I jumped in head first because I was so in love with him.
My daughter and I moved in with him 2 months after we started dating. Very fast, but I thought this was forever. He had been divorced about a year as well, and saw his kids every other week for 7 days. We had so much in common and had a blast together. An amazing connection. Awesome sexual chemistry. Awesome conversations. Everything was perfect.
Then we got into an argument last month because I felt like he had not been listening to me lately. He got mad and punched the wall, breaking his hand. I never saw him act this way before. HE then went and hid in the garage and drank a whole bottle of vodka. He comes in drunk and breaks up with me, telling me to find a new place to live and get my dogs out of his house.
He wouldn't even talk to me. Just took off somewhere for the night.
I found an apartment and started packing, hoping all the while that he would change his mind and want to talk. No luck. He refused. When I went to get a load of my stuff I noticed some new stuff at the place. I asked him and he said it was his ex wives stuff but wouldnt explain.

Now Its been a month. I had to get rid of my dogs and move into a little apartment. He never talked to me, never gave me closure. Now I know that his ex wife is back with him in the house.

I am so confused and angry. His ex wife cheated on him a lot and was remarried. She left her new husband to get back with him too. I dont understand. He refuses to return my emails...

What happened to the perfect love? It like I never existed to him now....
Jaynelle78 Jaynelle78
Nov 25, 2012