My Love And My Jealousy

I am in deep trouble.I have a female friend,not girl friend.We meet since 3 years.We were in the same university but not same department,she was my department"s friend"s room mate. We came close via Facebook,then cell phone and in real life we started hangout with other friend.After completing my graduation in computer science i came to capital city and involved in a job,its her home town.She stay there for post graduation.When she come to visit home some times we meet as a friend.But slowly i fall in love with her!Her family don't like relationship like love as well as my family,for this reason she never get involved with any one.But my problem arise slowly.I started feel jealousy if she talk or socially contact with any male more than me.Its a great pain for me.She understand that i love her because one day i told her everything.But for family reason we both know its not possible,her family will arrange her marriage any time its natural in our culture.But steel i need 3 or 4 years for my marriage,its not possible to her for waiting for me.And she start ed avoid me slowly.Now a days we do not talk everyday for 1 min but there was a time when we talk for 1 hour over cell phone.I miss her a lot.But the dangerous thing is my jealousy.I cant take it normally her friendly relation with other guy,but i never express it.It gives me much much pain.I want to see her happy. Thats why i also stop giving her a call or chat with her regularly.I don't know what should i do to stop my jealousy.
prince4 prince4
22-25, M
Dec 20, 2012