I Don'T Think I Will Ever Find Someone.

I have come to terms with the fact that I will always be single. I always like men who don't like me back. I think I am always going to be that woman who men will just want something physical with but nothing more. It makes me very sad to think this way because I think I am a good person with a good heart. I feel like I have been beat down so many times that I would almost be too afraid if someone was actually interested. I have had a major crush on a guy I work with for the last couple of years. We were really good friends at first but it all went downhill after we slept together (which was something we did out of curiosity). We have slept together a few times since then and we text all the time like we are still friends but that's it and it hurts me so much because I want to explore something more with him and he doesn't. I know I should let him go but I keep liking him and can't stop. I really want to meet someone else so I can just move on from him but nobody I have been remotely interested in has reciprocated that interest. My heart is just so broken over it.
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In and out your life, they come and they go, baby Your days and nights like a wheel that turns Grid in' down a secret part of you Deep inside your heart That nobody knows, baby When you say comfort me To anyone who approaches Chalkin' up the hurt We live and you learn
Well we've both lived Long enough to know 'Cause trade it all right now For just one minute of real love
The Doobie Brothers

Thank you all so much for the lovely words of encouragement. Very much appreciated.

been feeling the same way. i hope theres some sort of comfort in knowing that youre not the onlly one. it happens to me constantly and to you and to a lot of other people. I need to take my own advice. but we need to stop looking for love, and trying to get over someone with some other person. its doesnt completely work. theres something beautiful about being able to be alone and be happy. and not needing anyone to feel. just ourselves. I say, feel the pain. the heartache. get to know it. and then let it go.:) best of luck

can you see the other side?....Try...and don't give yourself so freely...it becomes cheap...when we value ourselves others will value us too...

Yeah, it hurts, but if you can't get what you need from him, you know what you need to do. I know that's hard to do because even if he can't return the love, at least you have someone there.