Have You Ever Believe In Love At First Sight ?

Have you ever believe in love at first sight ? Well , i did . Yes , "did" .I was never the guy who made the first move . Never the guy who says thing on his mind that troubled him . Never the guy who took one for the team . And never the guy who gave anyone a chance to be close to him . On shorter terms I'm a coward , a loner and maybe just a bit of a loser . But in certain period of my life , I've stopped being those and it's when I fell in love . The excitement , the enthusiasim and the possibility of a girl who could meant , change everything that is bad from me gave me such strength to become the better of myself . At first , I've got thrown down a few couple of times but I knew it was because I was lacking of the ability of talking to a girl , impressing em , maintaining em and even loving em .. Time after time , I've got better cause I've learnt to improve myself and by this time I've been thrown down , cast off , beaten by , rejected by 3 girls whom I've love from the first sight .. Slowly, my self-confidence got eaten bit by bit because on everytime I've asked a girl out , it just took a whole bunch of me .. Now , i was just rejected by the 4th girl .. It took her 7 days to throw me down the sea and left me for the seagull .. We didn't even get to started seeing each other .. I was left because of her insecurity .. We didn't even said goodbye , she just left .. After all of this , I've decided that there is no love at first sight , to me at least .. But love never die for me but it just that I wouldn't fall for people so easily anymore .. Now , if I want to start a relationship , 10 years is the minimum of getting to know that person before being serious .. Does that sound a little to safe , maybe ??
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A girl won't wait that long for you. Though, you do have the right idea about getting to know a girl before you get too serious. That's very important to establish that trust and honesty in the relationship.

A little over-cautious perhaps. Just take it easy. If a girl walks away she is not the one for you; but being able to fall in love is a wonderful quality so do not give it up altogether!