Not So Happy Ever After

I started dating when i was sixteen years old and was in a relationship with him for about twenty months (we'll call him Chad). I broke up with him because we argued too much and we just were not getting along anymore, which happened in October 2012. I started a new job in August, where I met a guy named Zach. We had this instant connection. I didn't date him at first because I was still dating,Chad. Eventually, my relationship with Chad had dwindled to nothing and I broke it off. Two weeks after, I started dating Zach. I felt like I was on cloud nine.

Zach made me incredibly happy. He was sweet, funny, and I was insanely attracted to him. He made me feel good about myself. We were both going through some issues though, so we took a brief break in November. At the end of December, he started distancing himself from me, and by Christmas, he was ignoring my texts, calls, and Facebook messages. This went on for weeks. I was completely heartbroken. I missed him so much, and there was still part of me that hoped for our relationship to rekindle. We worked together, and he was very flirty and touchy, so I thought something was still there.

About a week and a half ago, he asked how I felt about him and I poured my heart out to him. The next day he tells me that he has a girlfriend. I completely lost it. He never broke up with me. He just ignored me. It felt like someone ripped my heart right out of my chest. I spent endless nights crying over him. It just hurt so much. How could he replace me so quickly? Did he lie about ever caring about me? Did he cheat on me and that's why he ignored me? A thousand questions raced through my head.My sister showed me pictures of her that he posted and things she wrote on his wall. That only intensified my pain.

I hate that I'm feeling so much pain about some guy who treated me so poorly.I just want to forget. I want to look at him and feel nothing, but part of me just won't let go. And I have no idea why. I just feel so lonely and heartbroken...
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Be Brave

I went through a similar experience. In high school there was this guy I had an obvious crush on and he admitted he had a crush on me too. We started talking and flirting for months. But then came Valentine's Day and I thought maybe I would get my first Valentine's day gift from him. What I got instead was the unfortunate news that he had a girlfriend. I was heartbroken but I found out later that he was abusive. So even though it's heartbreaking now, things happen for a reason. There's someone better out there for you. A couple of years later, I found the perfect guy. Best of luck to you.

You're a very sensitive young woman and you obviously read too much into relationships. Perhaps you should consider dating multiple guys at the same time to broaden your dating experience and keep you from focusing too strongly on any one guy

Seems to me it would be a good idea just break away from all of this

which i already have. :]

having some what o fthe same will get better in time