Something Remains...

I am in a state of devastation and heartbroken since last Valentine. i dearly want my boyfriend back. No matter how i tried to reconcile our little dispute he would not give in to forgive the relationship. I am truly upset till i have no where else to turn to. I felt my life fell into the deepest, darkest black hole ... probably as well lost faith in love. I cannot forget the love we've shared and seen through many obstacles. Hoping he would return to me for i love him dearly more and miss him more. I just wish there would be a day when everything turns around, i have faced enough challenges this month, and pretty exhausted from thoughts of right or wrong, just wishing someone to save me from this wallow disposition.

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4 Responses Feb 25, 2009

I wish we could be in the same room as each other and we could weep openly on each other. <br />
When the heart is broken there are no emotions to describe the empty hole we are left with. I keep him in my heart never letting anyone eles in..<br />
My heart belongs to him and i would rather be alone and have our memories than to be with someone eles and live a lie...

There were times when I just knew with all my heart and soul that my broken relationships could mend. I breathed faith into the most hopeless of situations - and I was wrong every time. Why is it the thing we want the most is the one thing that eludes us?<br />
I do know this - despite the disappointments and the heartaches, I found love. Keep your chin up sweetie - it may seem impossible to believe, but things will get better.

im going threw the exact same thing as you, except she is the one at fault...<br />
i wish i could give you some words of wisdom, but i can not. when it comes to love and relationships?? there seems to be no rules or guidelines. its kinda do as you go along and hope and pray for the best. do you move on?? thats a question that i have asked myself a hundred times every day. and its been 5 months now, and no i dont have the answer.....

Just hearing your heart and what you are going through <br />
Is the pain so many of us have gone through.I like to belive that in the valley we see and learn so much I know you may not want to hear this.nobody is rushing you,you do need to let your tears come.It helps to lie down and mone it will release alot of this awful pain and healing will take place.This to shall pass,if we could think of it as a learning period.May your days a head be healing days.Don't even think it's your fault.Hold your head up high and know you are worth so very much. Let me know how you are doing cause I care.