So my ex has been trying to get in touch with me for awhile he says. We had broken up awhile back and he said he missed me and was heartbroken and that he's still in love with me and that I've hurt him to the core and that he has never loved anyone else the way that he has loved me. So I decided to go out with him Last night. The night was cool and he asked if I could spend the night. I haven't in awhile so I thought sure why not? He left for work this morning and left his phone. I went through it and saw that he has been having sex with multiple girls. Multiple girls were spending the night at his house. He's been going out with multiple girls on dates. After he lied to my face and said he missed me and that he wanted to work things out with me and etc. I'm soooooooooo beyond hurt! After as long as we were together I thought he would have more respect for me!!! I was wrong. I feel sick to my stomach and I may never trust another male again. I'm asking God to give me the strength to get through this because I have never felt so disrespected and played with.
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Sorry :-(

Me too girly. Im glad I know though.

Yes it may help to get over him. How the world works hey I finding out like that

U finding out

Omg yes!!! It hurts like hell but I know I will get thru

Yes u will cos now u have a reason to hate him

I still don't hate him. I love him very much, but I know he's not the one for me and I know that he has changed. He could very well have been this way the entire time and I just never knew but I know now. God is a loving God. Jesus is forgiving. So who am I not to love the people who have wronged me? Who am I to not forgive? I don't hate him, I feel bad for him because he lost a very good woman.

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My love for you was bulletproof you're the one who shot me.
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How long have you been broken up for? Chances are he has hit up all those women as a way to boost his ego after being dumped by you, chances are he really is sincere about missing you but by you breaking up with him he needed to feel wanted again so he did stuff with other women as a possible revenge type scenario. I'm not saying it's your fault but if you guys have been broken up for a while then you shouldn't be that surprised

It's been a couple months. My thing is he told me he wasn't having sex with anyone. He wanted us to work. Yet u were and are constantly going out and screwing other females.

Oh then lying is just not acceptable, it's better you found out now before investing any more feelings into him. That's just a reminder of why you let him out of your life

That's very true. It still hurts though.

"Darling you'll be OK..."
- Hold on till may by Pierce The Veil :D

It's all bad