I hear your voice
Like a summer morning with the cool breeze
I see you guide me to your room
Once again
And laying me down with such kindness
Yet you were never gentle
I am in denial
Claiming that you are out of my mind
When really you live in it
I made your soul my home
And then you left
And with you
You took my love and never returned it
Making it harder for me to move on
And I wish you felt my pain
Because of you
I have scars on my body
Demons in my head
Tears in my eyes
And death in my heart
Though its been 4 months
The memory is fresh
Like an open wound
That keeps bleeding at the thought of
Your name
FairytaleFaith FairytaleFaith
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

"Darling you'll be OK..."
- Hold on till may by Pierce The Veil :D