I can't sleep. The wounds are still fresh. I can't believe it still... all the lies... all of it... was anything real? My best friend says I've changed.. and I have.. I don't think I'll ever be the same after this.. I'm... heartbroken.. and I don't know if I'll ever get my heart back together again.. it's really broken.. I completely trusted him.. and he threw everything away.. he threw me away.. like I never meant anything to him.. I don't get it.. I don't.. I don't know what to think right now.. All I do know is that he's done with me, no explanation, no words. I'm left with... the mess... the memories.. the bullsh*t apparently.. wow..

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ill try.. atm im snowed in my house X]

I'm happy to hear you talked to your mom, thats great! Make sure you keep talking to her, she can be a big help. Try and have some fun with your family and friends, just keep busy it helps.

X/ i told my mom that you said i should talk to someone and she laughed...

X[[[[[[[[ Wow.. right before Christmas... what an ***.... X///// I guess I can try... thank you for caring enough to talk to me about it..

I know how you feel. My husband left me on 24 Dec, he has a second family. . I know it hurts ask your parents or school if you can talk to someone, it will help. It's hard now but it's not you! It's him some people just like to hurt others and you need to learn to look out for people like that. I found out the hard way. Please talk to an adult that you trust and get help you don't want to repeat this again with someone else. It's not you, and you know that, hold your head up high.

X// i know.. its just going to be hard..