Looks Like It's Over...

I look back on our years together and i'm not ashamed to say it brings a tear to my eye. They were, without a doubt, the happiest years of my life. I met you at a very dark time, when I lost all hope for happiness, for love and constantly wondered the point of life. You turned my world upside down, taught me what love was. For once I felt something other than mental anguish.... Now you say you want to leave me.

I smile as I say that it's ok, I hug you and tell you that my time with you was beautiful and that I'll never forget you. Inside I am dying. A fragment of my dream to share my life with you pierces my heart. I fight back the tears as hard as I can as I wish you happiness and safety. Our last goodbye. I look into your beautiful brown eyes as I utter the words I never wanted to say. As you start to walk away I whisper "I love you"... not that it matters at this point. 

As I drive away, I let the tears come and I wonder why, why did it have to end up like this? Is there something I could have done differently? Who cares. It's over...   

warrioroflove warrioroflove
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2010