This may seem all soppy and stupid to you, but at 13 years old I am Heartbroken...


When I was younger, I never thought much about love. It seems an adult thing, not something you should worry about yet. But when I met a boy, this all changed. We instantly clicked, we were so alike, and I remember thinking that one of these days he is going to ask me out. That was then. This is now.

Now, he is going out with a slag, and I hate him for it, yet I love him still at the same time. He is my best boy mate, but that isn't enough. I have no idea what he thinks about me, but this is driving me crazy.

Everything reminds me of him, and my eyes are so red from crying. My mum says I'll get over it sometime, but how can I think that when I've been trying to get over him since October!

 I know one day this will all change, and I will find another one who steals my heart, and we can be happy together.

 But, to any girls out there who find themselves heartbroken at the age of 13, listen to me now.

Don't let it take over your life as it has taken over mine. Know that one day you will have forgotten about him, and you won't even remember his name.

Surround yourself with those you love, and be thankful that there are those who would do anything for you, even though he isn't one of them.

 Know that you are beautiful, and will always remain so.

If you find yourself so heartbroken you feel you have to tell him (which thankfully I haven't come to) then do so. Whenever you feel you need to cry, cry. Whenever you feel you need to break down and throw a tantrum, then do so, but only in the comfort of your home. Let your feelings be shared by others, and the burden will grow lighter on yourself.


And so, please, listen carefully to this final sentence.

Don't ever waste your childhood, the best part of your life, on a heartless boy who would rather go out with a slag than fall in love with you, an amazing person who will go on in life and achieve great things.

Trust me, in later life, he will regret it.

Your heart may be broken, but it will mend again.

Scozzie006 Scozzie006
13-15, F
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I know how you feel...