Reborn Me

I sometimes feel like if I was losing myself, who I really am ,that sweet innocent me, who cares so much about everyone. I'm turning into a heartless person, who doesn't know how to forgive, a person who shows empty emotions, someone who doesn't care or love anybody, who only lusts to fill those empty dark spaces in my heart.

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18-21, F
6 Responses Mar 15, 2010

ohh lol, that sounds like him XD

Its ok:] nothings wrong with that, i lost my heart when I gave it away tothis girl and she never gave it back

heh, let's wait and see then, btw, why do u have him on ur list?

yeah he doesn't take such things seriously, seems like the playful kind


U mean MrSadist? lol, he is fun, his weird character is amusing, so I like following his role to see were it takes me.

well, the real dirty truth is that we humans are living in a world were the strongest survives. So as long as I don't lose my knowledge, I wont be as dumb as some people are.