Just Why

 Twenty little boys and girls don’t know how much they have affected and saddened the country. Twenty little boys and girls will not have lunch today and will not get tucked in by their mommy and daddy. Twenty little boys and girls don’t know that they are still special and will still be loved everyday despite their not being here anymore.
How does someone, mentally ill or not, not see those little faces with soft skin and long eyelashes? Not see the innocence, happiness, and willingness to learn and live the rest of their lives? How does someone feel that they are so deep into hell that they need to take their anger and depression and whatever else out on these little beings?
My heart still aches and forever will for the children who lost their lives due to a crazy man with a terrible sickness. My heart will forever ache for the parents who have empty bedrooms and playrooms at home. This should have never happened, but it did, so what we all need to do together is stand up against violence, cherish our little ones, and be there for the ones who aren’t strong enough to stand right now.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Its always sad , when children are suffering . There can be many reasons why , but its just to easy for all crazy people to buy guns in USA.