It Was So Embarassing!

This is a true story that happened to me when I was 15 yrs old, and Im still embarrassed about now at 43.

I have always loved tickling women. It was something that I was very good at! It didnt matter to me how big or older the woman was than me, if she was ticklish I could bring her down. However, it never occured to me that I was ticklish & I myself could be put in a position where I could be brought down.

My older sister (about two yrs older than me), is extremely ticklish,and I could get her to do whatever I wanted just by tickling her sides, armpits, or bare feet... I mean I used straight up torture this poor woman daily for most of our childhood. She was a cheerleader in high school & had many of her girlfriends over at the house all the time. Now, up to this point I only tickled her when it was just me & her around but this day I decided to get her when one of her friends were over at the house. It was early in the afternoon & we had plently of time before our parents would be coming home from work, and my sister & her friend were in the living room watching MTV, laughing & giggling and stuff and wern't paying any attention to me. My sister was laying on the couch with her bare feet hanging over the edge.

So, I sneak up on the floor, and with stealth like abilities I grabbed ahold of her ankles in a death grip & started scratching her feet... She let out a loud scream & then dissolved into helpless laugher. Now the way our couches were positioned, her friend could not see me tickling her feet but could see my sister laughing helplessly... After doing this for about 5 min, I let my sister go & ran upstairs into my room, while my sister & friend were yelling & cursing at me. Well, here the embarassing part.

About an hour later I come out of room. As im walking down the hall, I did not realize my sister & her friend were hidden in the guest bathroom. As I pass by the bathroom door, my sister & friend leap out of the bathroom and jump on my back. My sister is on my back trying to get me down to the ground while her friend is in front of me tickling my stomach and sides. Her tickling begins to take effect and so she says "its working". So my sister decides to join in & while on my back, she digs her fingers deep into my armpits (which is my weakspot). I start instantly laughing hard & my knees begin to buckle and I fall to the ground.

My sister's friends tickling served as more of an annoyance but it was the armpit tickling that was getting to me. At first I believe they were just content with tickling me, however, I could not help but become highly aroused. I wasn't even sure why I was getting aroused; I mean she is my sister but I was. My sister's friend was the first to notice that my **** was hard,, and in the throws of helpless laughter I didnt notice that she could see that. However, while laughing helplessly, I can her tell my sister that Im hard.... My sister is completely embarassed that im hard in front of her & her friend but she keeps tickling me. As Im begging my sister to stop tickling, her friend begins to unzipp my pants & starts to pull them down over my hips. I cant stop her because my sister is still tickling me under my arms & by now all i can do is just lay there and laugh.

What happens next is why Im writting this story.  My sister's friend starts pulling down my underwear now, revealing my hard ****. My sister yells at her & says " what are you doing"? Her friend says "teaching him a lesson".. My sister says what are you going to do, and she says "this"; and starts to stroke my **** with her soft hands.... I start frantically trying to get away! I am going crazy cause my sister can now see my swollen ****, not to mention her friend is now touching it. I look up at my sister for help & all she can do is look right back at me cause I think she cant believe it either. Her friend says "keep tickling him in his armpits". So my sister starts tickling me again to distract me while her friend is continuing to stroke me off.

Because of my sisters tickling, It's not long before Im helpless again. My sister who was quite from this point on, became even more cruel, and she dug her fingers in even deeper; my body seizes up because it was too much for me. The whole time this girl is stroking my ****. I tried not to ***, but any guy who has had a ******* knows that there is a "point of no return". Once that point is reached, you cant resist; you have to ***!! I shot my load all over my sisters friend & all over my sister. My sisters friend was laughing, but my sister was horrified!! She has just witnessed her lil brother *** all over her & her friend.

Afterwards, they both let me go & run off down the hallway, leaving me there on the floor covered in my own ***. I was so embarassed, that I started to cry. There was no way I was going to ever be able to face my sister again. I went into the bathroom, cleaned myself off & went into my room & locked my door.

Later, that evening, there was a knock on my door; it was my sister. I let her in & she came & sat on my bed next to me & did something that totally surprised me; she put her arms around me & told me she loved me, and that she was sorry and it would always be our little secret. She then gave me a quick poke in my sides to make me smile.... As she was leaving the room, she turned & winked at me & said "I never knew you were that ticklish, lil brother".... From that point on, me her had the cooliest brother & sis relationship, but I never ever tickled her again!!
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Any guy can get betrayed by his own **** at any time.<br />
I am gay so since I was early teens girls would pin me<br />
down & "try to make me str8".<br />
When a guy is tickled a lot by most anyone, (or anything<br />
such as the family dog licking your feet), Mr. Happy has<br />
reflexes that get him excited beyond our control.<br />
<br />
I have 3 half-sisters from my real Dad, (he is deceased)<br />
and though they tickle me silly when I am with them,<br />
(they live with their Mom), and make my peepee get hard,<br />
they or their tickle maniac friends never go that far with me,<br />
(at least when my older sisters are in on it).<br />
<br />
A few times when my sisters were NOT around their maniac<br />
nutjob friends got carried away with me. My dumbass sisters<br />
taught them all my "spots" first time they ganged up on me,<br />
but it was highly embarrassing and I'd rather not talk about it.

I think that anyone who can be rendered helpless by tickling, even while becoming aroused, can identify with this story. The great thing is that you and your sister did not let the experience seriously affect your relationship.<br />
<br />
I wonder, though, if you have had other experiences as a ticklee (NOT involving a relative) that have been totally pleasurable for you?