No! No! Not My Feet!

Even at my age I am hyper-ticklish. Some consider it a curse but I like it. I embrace it. I seek out opportunities to get bound and tickled and can usually find it somewhere. I have always lived on the edge and as such, have posted on and responded to some CL ads. I say "on the edge" as you never know if you're gonig to run into some psycho or get back home. This is especially trure when bondage is involved.

I love -- no wait; I LOVE to be tied up and tickle tortured. During one such encounter I met a woman at her home. She, as am I, is into the bondage scene and really enjoyed tying up her prey. I was ******** of my clothing, cuffed in leather and spread to the outer corners of the bed. Spreader bars were also placed at my ankles and just above my knees to make me more immobile. Then it started. I have been tickled before but nothing like this. She tickled the hell out of me for hours and then she found my weak spot. The pink soles of my ticklish feet. I tried to resist but it was to no avail. I laughed a deep, hoarse belly laugh and I was getting weaker by the second.

She also observed the tickling me was quite arousing and it was evident. Using a feather duster she tickled my shaven area as she continued to tickle my feet. Oh my god ~ she found my two most vulnerable spots. She said, "I'm not going to offer you any relief, Michael because that's what you want." I begged to *** but she just laughed and said, "Maybe next time, Michael. Maybe next time." With that she freed me from my bonds. I still have to call her for another session. It was instensive.
ticklishsoles ticklishsoles
61-65, M
Mar 16, 2011