Road Trip From Hell! (an Old Tickling Experience)

Hi. I'm Tiffany. This story happened when I was 19. My older (2 years older) stepbrother constantly would tie me up and tickle torture me since I was 12 years old. I was afraid of him, because of that. Not that he would ever hurt me, but he tickled me soooo much. And my own mother when I complained once at 12 said, its only tickling." and didn't do anything about it. So, my Stepbrother Vince and his friends would always catch me, tie me down and tickle torture my poor feet for ever.
Anyway, I was 19, and just walking home from the Gym, (I worked out a lot) and I was wearing a pair of blue satin gym shorts, red tank top, my Old Reboks, and red anklet socks. I'm about 5'8" then, long blonde hair, and Blue eyes. and very tan from laying out at the pool all summer. I was walking home, and as I got into the front yard,my brother Vince and 3 of his friends were coming out the door.They were walking to his friend Dan's car. (a' 76 Monte Carlo) when Vince walks over and says, come on, were going on a road trip.
I said, No, I got plans with my girlfriends. He says, come on, and grabs my arm and pulls me towards the car. His friends open the door, and pull the seat forward, and as I protest, they shove me in the back seat, and Dan drives, Vince rides shotgun in front, and his friend Brad and Larry are next to me on either side. I'm squished in the middle pretty tight. I told them I didn't want to go anywhere, and they said, chill out, it will be fun. I said where we going, they said Kansas City for a Genitoturers concert. I thought ,oh great, there goes my whole weekend. So we're driving along listening to some heavy metal, and Vince tells Dan to pull in to this convenience mart. He hops out, and goes in., comes back with like 4 sodas bag of chips, and a roll of that grey tape. Duct tape I think its called. He hands me a big Mountain Dew,(My favorite) and gives the others to everyone. we get back on the road, and drive for a while. I practically downed my soda already(Remember, its summer, and I just got done working out). Well, Vince turns around in his seat and looks at me with his EVIL grin he always gets when he's definately up to something. Usually involving me somehow. He looks at his friends next to me, and they grab my hands and put them together in front of me. Then Vince reaches over the seat and starts Taping up my wrists with that duct tape!! I started screaming NOOOO!!! and trying to fight, but I was wedged in the back in the middle, and two guys were holding my arms pretty tight, I couldn't do ANYTHING! So He tapes my wrists pretty tight, and then grabs my legs, and pulls them up into the front of the car!! He tapes my ankles together tightly, and then tapes them to the center armrest between the seats! (despite my emphatic protests and yells for him to let me go!)Now here I am, crushed between two guys, ankles in fronnt taped to the armrest, wrists taped out in front of me and what am I going to do now? then Vince hands the tape to Larry in back, and they pull my arms up, and behind my head, and tape them down to the seat belt. (Don't ask me to explain how).I start getting scared now, and protesting, and begging them to let me loose. Vince just giggles. He slowly starts untying my Rebocks, one at a time. OMG!!!I Knew what he was going to do then!!! I said, NO!! Vince!! PLEASE! Don't Do this!!! He slowly, pulled one off, and starts sniffing it. (He has this thing about my stinky sweaty feet. EEEWWWW!!!)And then he tosses it back to Larry, who does the same.Then he removes the other one, and hands it to Brad, who sniffs it too. (SICK!!!I KNOW my feet STINK all, sweaty after working out all morning!!) Vince says to me, Tiff, we're gonna play the sock game. I will only tickle the part of your feet that are bare and not covered by your sock. Now if you hold still, your socks won't come off so easily.Then he slowly starts peeling my socks off my heels. then pulls them up at the toes and holds them. He starts lightly tickling my heels with his fingertips. I Giggle, and tell him to quit, it tickles.He starts pulling upwards on the socks toes, and they slowly start sliding off my feet a little at a time.He tickles a little higher on my heels, and I giggle harder and try to keep my feet perfectly still. He tickles all the way next to the sock covering that little space between my heel and instep. I Laugh outload now, and my feet jerk! OH NO!! the sock pops up about 2 inches!!I'm thinking to myself, I'm in big trouble now!! He tickles the center of my soles with his fingers, and now I'm wiggling and screaming for him to stop now! The socks keep sliding up,and up,and up!!Exposing more and more bare feet for him to tickle! I start to panic again, thinking I can't take this anymore.Then as he tickles, and my feet jerk around, despite my BEST efforts to keep them still. He stops. and says," Now Tiff, dear sis, your socks are only on your toes. Now if you can keep them ON your toes, and not let them slip off for the count of 30, then we will untie you and leave you alone. But if they come off before then, we get to tickle your feet, AND your armpits for the rest of the trip." I'm thinking to myself OMG!! I HAVE to hold on!!Its still another 3 1/2-4 hours before we reach Kansas City!!!He takes a piece of string from the glove box, ties it around the toes of my socks, and lifts it up and ties it somehow to the dome light in the ceiling of the car. now my socks are tightly suspended between my toes, and the string.
He says, Ok, Sis, HERE WE GO!!! And starts counting, 1,2,3... and gently tickles the heels, soles, and balls of my feet with BOTH hands! I go Nuts!!! I'm Thrashing around, tossing my head, squealing, laughing, and moving every part of my body around EXCEPT my FEET! "12,13,14,15...." I'm going crazy, trying to hold my feet still!!! It tickles SOOOO BAD!! I can't stand it, anymore!! I'm screaming for him to stopp!!! "22,23,24,25..." Then, Larry and Brad at the same time reach over and LICK my armpits!!! I shriek!! And Jerk real hard from the sudden tickling sensation and suprise! Pop! off came my socks! OH NO!!! I cried!! That wasn't FAIR!!! Vince said, Hey, Sis, I didn't say anything about others tickling you elsewhere, I just said, don't lose your socks before I get to 30. I got to 26, and you LOSE!! then he snickers, and hollers,"GANG TICKLE!!!""" And goes NUTS with both hands on my feet!! I freak out, scream, laugh, cry, and go Insane, as the sensations are driving me crazy!!! Brad and Larry decide to join in and lick my armpits again!! (EEEWWWW!!!) and it tickles like HELL!!!! Then where they are wet, they drag their nails up and down them, causing me to squirm, and thrash around trying to protect them! Vince is still digging in, tickling under my toes with his fingers. Larry and brad continue their exploration of my pits, when Vince after a while decides to give me a short break. (SO I thought.)He took some more tape, and taped my two big toes together, and got the string from my socks, and tied around the tape and pulled them back and tied it around my ankles. Now my feet are tight, and I can't even wiggle my toes!!! Then he pulls these feathers off the rear view mirror, you know, the ones on a roach clip? and starts to slide them in and out BETWEEN my toes!!! OMG!!! That is the most ticklish sensation YET!! I can't STAND IT!!! Brad and Larry grab one of the feathers too, and started tickling my pits with them. Luckily for me it didn't tickle as bad, but it still tickled. After quite a while of this tickling, (Vince always KNEW how bad a feather between my toes tickled, so he kept it up for a LONG time!). Then he let me have a break for another few minutes. (About 2!) then he decided to start sucking on my toes!! and licking between them!!! OMG!!! Another AWFUL tickle tactic that makes me INSANE!!! and after about 20 min. of this coupled with his fingers running up and down my soles, along with Brad and Larry back to licking my pits, I was feeling like I was going to EXPLODE!!! Then they stop again, and Vince says, He, I got an idea, lets play a game! a simple little game we learned in grade school! and he produces a ball point pen, and says, A game of TicTacToe! And starts drawing the lines for the game with the PEN on my sole! I Yelped and cried for them NOT to do it!! They all took turns making Xs and Os all over my soles. and when they got done, started another game elsewhere on my feet. I was wiggling, and squirming, and just going nuts, everytime they touched the pen to my soles! I was going berserk from this torture! Finally, Dan spoke up and said, 15 miles till we hit the concert grounds. Vince says, Ok, the finally!! and started drawing all over my soles, licking my toes, and Brad and Larry tickled my armpits, ribs, knees, tummy, waist, anywhere I was ticklish, all at the same time for 15 min. straight! I was in PURE AGONY for those 15 min. And I even peed my shorts I was laughing sooo bad! Remember the big soda I drank? well, I was doing my Darndest to hold it about halfway there, and was succesful despite the agonizing torture until they went nuts on me at the end!! Finally we pulled into the fair grounds and they untapped me and gave me back my shoes and socks. Suprisingly, they were all nice to me the whole rest of the day, and bought me food, souvineirs and stuff, and let me sleep undisturbed all the way home that nite. My Stepbrother sounds Evil, and mean, but he's really a good guy, he just has this obsession with Tickle torturing me all the time. and I HATED it!! Really HATED to be tickled! But as the years went by, and I grew up, I've developed a passion for tickling and being tickled now. Hope you liked it. it was one of my WORST ever tickle tortures as I was growing up, that’s why I remember so much of it. I've replayed it in my mind many, many times since.
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I love this story I'm not like the rest of the men on here but I love this story. But seems like you are extremely ticklish lol

That sounds like fun :-) I bet they were having a good time. I saw this Story on Google about a year ago, and it still is fun sounding.

they licked ur armpits? werent u all sweaty lol

Wow, nice, my imagination is going into overdrive

Of course they were nice to you, hot 19 year old hottie... And they had their lips and tongues on your body... It was heaven for them, it was sexual foreplay without the **** sex. Cute story

Ticklish women, are the sexiest women. I wish I was there. lol

Damn, wish that would happen to me.

That sounds like me and my cousin when we I was little. Also my brothers...ironocally enough, my feet are also extremely ticklish and my name is Tiffany

hehehe. thats cool. so tell me about your worst foot tickling you've experienced. :)

I would actually pay to have a brother like that. Sounds traumatising but fun as hell!!

No, that wouldn't work, he was a Navy SEAL for a few years, And i doubt me or anyone else would be able to take him:)

Aww, that sucks, I once tried to d that to a Navy SEAL and it didn't work out to well.

Oh my gosh, if I was you, I would get some of your friends, tie down Vince and tickle him FOREVER until he begs.