Tickling As I Grew Up

This is a story my Older brother wrote about us growing up together. I was his victim TOO many times. Thought you all would like it.
Tickling As I Grew Up

I’ve been an avid tickler since as far back as I can remember. Early childhood memories find me under the tables and tickling girls bare feet and enjoying hearing their laughter and watching their toes wiggling. In preschool, I remember vague memories of female playmates. I would see their barefoot and just start tickling it and watching them laugh and wiggle around. Schoolmates in kindergarten on up, I would chase the girls around the playground, hold them down and pull off a shoe and sock and just tickle the hell out of their barefoot. I remember one time in second grade; my teacher was laying on her back under her desk during a free day trying to get her drawer unstuck from the back. She was lying under that slat board at the bottom of the desk used for a footrest. I along with my friend Billy decided to get her. She was wearing a pantsuit and some kind of loafers and hose. We both snuck up, grabbed an ankle each, pulled off her shoe and started tickling her feet through her pantyhose. She laughed hysterically and tried to pull away from us, but was kind of wedged under the board, and had no leverage to reach out and stop us. We tickled her for a good 5 minutes nonstop and then dropped her ankles and ran back to our seats. She finally got out from under her desk and looking pretty disheveled, scanned the room and I think she realized it was Billy and I, but never said or did anything about it.
As I got older, I became more sadistic about how I would tickle girls. I enjoyed seeing them get hysterical, and how their eyes would flash sheer panic at not being able to stop the tickling. The more they freaked out the more I liked it.
Babysitters eventually learned to hate me for it. When I was 7 or 8, I would con them into playing silly games. Remember they’re all of 13-17 years old themselves. When’s the last time you saw a teenager that wasn’t preoccupied with herself and her friends? I would get them to play spy, or cowboys and Indians, and eventually I would get them tied up with their arms behind their back and their ankles tied together. Either they thought they could get out, or that I couldn’t tie a rope very well, but they soon found out I was good with ropes. I would then take off their shoes and socks despite their protests, and tell them they will have to be interrogated for information. (I don’t think I actually used that word then but you get the idea.) She thought it was all part of the game so she would deny knowing anything, so I would start slowly tickling her feet. At first it was just light giggles and she played along. After a couple minutes she would get annoyed and tell me it was time to stop. That’s when I would tickle for real. Soon she was begging and screaming for me to stop. I kept tickling fast and hard on the soles of her feet making her cry in hysterics from the utter tickle torment. She would beg, plead, and promise me anything, trying to bargain with me to stop the tickling. I ignored it all and kept up the torture until I had my fill which usually was about 15-20 minutes or so. Then I’d untie their hands and run to my room and lock the door. I never really got in trouble for doing those kinds of things, but I went through a lot of high school babysitters.
I remember one time I was at my friend Darwood’s house on the back porch and his little sister heather came out barefoot and sat on the top step. She was like 8 or so and I was 10 or 11. She’s a cute girl, but kind of annoying. She was barefoot, so I grabbed her left ankle, pulled it to me, tucked it under my arm, and just tickled the snot out of her barefoot for a long time. Darwood was just sitting there laughing at how wild and crazy his sister laughed and flopped around. She was going crazy and couldn’t stop me from tickling her poor foot. Then she started crying through the laughter and I looked behind me as I tickled faster and harder. I saw a puddle was forming underneath were Heather was sitting. Darwood and I both realized at the same time that I had tickled her so bad, I made her pee! I let go of her foot, and she ran in the house so fast. We didn’t see her at all for the rest of the day.
As I got around 10-11 years old, we played a lot of games in the woods, like spy, and Robin Hood and other such games. I always managed to incorporate tickle torture into them for some unsuspecting cute girls. In Robin hood games we had a maid Marian, so naturally I played the evil sheriff of Nottingham and we would capture the maid Marian, tie her sitting down on the ground to a tree, and I would take off her shoes and socks and just tickle her bare feet silly for long periods of time. Naturally, she would laugh, scream and on several occasions pee from the tickling. But then the very next day, there would be 2 or 3 girls fighting over who gets to be Maid Marian that day. This was all pre-puberty, so none of us knew anything about what we were doing; it just felt good and was fun, even though the girls couldn’t stand it. Maybe because us boys were giving them attention they so desperately craved at that age. I remember one particular day, there was a very cute girl named Sherry who we captured and were tickle torturing her feet. Man! Was she ever ticklish! She squealed and laughed loud begging me to stop. Then a couple high school kids were walking through the woods and yelled at us. We ran fast leaving poor Sherry tied to the tree. We hid and watched as the two guys walked up to her. They asked her what we were doing to her. She said they were tickling me. One boy said, “Oh yeah? Like this?” and grabbed her ankle and started tickling her foot. She started laughing hysterical again. Soon the other boy started tickling her other foot too. After about 15 minutes of them tickle torturing Sherry’s poor feet, they stopped and untied her and she ran away trying to put her socks and shoes on at the same time. But then the next day, there she’d be fighting with the other girls to see who gets captured again.
I was a total tickle terror as a kid. During recess when I was in 4th grade, a bunch of us guys would run around out in the football field chasing the cute girls and yanking off their shoes. We would toss them back and forth among us making the girls chase us around to get their shoes back. If they got too close we would tackle them, sit on them and tickle their feet. Day in and day out all the same girls would be down at the football field again getting their feet tickled by all of us mean boys. Go figure.
Junior high for me was a real treat. A lot of the girls would sit on the edge of the stage in the auditorium during lunch break. I would find one I liked, pull off her shoes and tickle her feet until she was in hysterics. Soon, I had a gang of ticklers helping me. One guy would grab their ankles, and I’d yank off their shoes, and start tickling. Every day, we would tickle a couple girls. Even during class sometimes. Girls would have their shoes off, and put them on the rungs of the desk in front of them which if it happened to be mine, I’d slowly reach back and give them a quick tickle. And I would hear a stifled giggle or two. Sometimes it would become a game in itself with some of the girls. They would keep their feet there and see how long they could take me tickling their feet before yanking them back safely under their own desk. If they happened to laugh out loud and the teacher turned around, it was fun seeing how they got out of the situation.
You don’t even want to know how wild it got on the bus! I would tickle the hell out of a lot of girls on the bus ride home from school. I’d even crawl under the seats till I found my victim. I’d grab her ankle, yank off her shoes and tickle her feet like mad. They all squealed and laughed like crazy, pulling and trying to get away from my strong grasp. Sometimes I’d get a couple other guys to help me, and we would lay her down on the seat, they would hold her down and I’d tickle her silly for most of the trip home. Sometimes the other guys would be tickling her ribs, sides and armpits while I worked on her feet. Tickling when I was growing up was an everyday, normal event. I got the reputation and nickname “Ticklemonster” from early on and it followed me way into adulthood. One time though, I ended up being a victim myself.
On one of my under the seats tickle expeditions, I was targeting a certain girl and I guess I got the seat count wrong. I grabbed an ankle, and wrenched the shoe off her foot, and started peeling off her sock and before I could start tickling, I felt a hand grab my wrist and pulled me forward under the seat. Then the girl, who ended up being a senior, placed her barefoot hard down on my throat. Then she reached down and removed her other shoe and sock and placed it squarely on my face. She scrunched my nose pretty good and I could smell her sweaty foot. She said, “ Suck my toes, Footboy.” And proceeded to slide her toes in my mouth. I lay there in shock and didn’t really know what to do, since I was in a pretty vulnerable position with her foot on my throat and all, so I just started sucking and licking her toes. Wow! That was an experience! I found I enjoyed it immensely. The more I licked between her toes the more she giggled. I found out then, that licking toes could tickle too. So after a while she made me stop and scrunched her sweaty foot all over my face and pulled her feet up in the seat to replace her shoes and socks. I scrambled back to my seat and was quiet for the rest of the trip home.
When I was 14, my dad remarried, and I lived with him and his new wife and her 12-year-old daughter. She was a real cute girl and we got along real well. But I found out she was ticklish. So naturally, she became one of my most favorite tickle torture victims. I experimented on her. Trying new tickling techniques, new ways of restraint, how far I could push tickling. She passed out a couple times from it and peed many times. I know you see me as the cruel and evil big brother tormenting my little stepsister, but actually I wasn’t. Other than tickle torturing her, I protected her, took care of her, and we had a wonderful childhood growing up together. If you would see us together today, you would not see any abuse, or trauma from her Actually, we still love and care about each other to this day. I’m writing a separate story about our own tickling escapades, so I’ll not dwell on the details here.
Summer camp was a real fantasy for me. As a camp counselor, I manipulated the other kids to do, or help me do my tickles on many an unsuspecting girl at the camp. Sometimes it was another female counselor, and sometimes it was one of the female campers. But all in all, it was just fun tickles. No one got hurt, and no one complained. It was just an accepted form of punishment, or prank.
During the day, we had our jobs to do, helping the campers with their classes and games and daily chores, but once nighttime hit, it was a party for all the counselors. The camp was co-ed, the girl’s cabins on one side, the boys on the other. We had a couple of older unused cabins up on the hill overlooking the whole camp where we all hung out at night, just having fun, an occasional beer, and some serious frolicking. This is where I could really shine. For fun, I tried manipulating a couple of the guys to help me with a certain female counselor, and we would grab her, hold her down and just tickle the daylights out of her. Sometimes, I would walk a girl into the woods for some private time, and it ended up with her being tied to a tree, and my campers would sneak up late in the night and help me tickle torture her. She would be gagged of course. We wouldn’t want to wake up the whole camp, now would we?
On a few separate occasions, we would use it as a form of punishment for a very unruly female camper. She would be brought to the central part of camp, tied to the flagpole sitting on the ground, and I would remove her shoes and socks, and start tickling her feet, then I would tell the entire camp it was their duty to help her see the evils of her ways. So it ended up being a free for all for about 15 minutes with most everyone getting a chance to tickle the poor girls feet. Some tickled her knees, sides and ribs as well. (When I tell of tickles, there are many occasions where I refer to tickling of the feet, since that is my favored place to tickle. But I as well as others I’m writing about, tickle all the other usual ticklish areas as well.) These particular sessions were reserved for the ones that were so bad it was either tickle her, or send her home. That is how bad they needed it. Usually, after that particular session, she became a model camper for the duration of her stay.
I know many of you reading this are apprehensive and think this is all fiction, but I assure you it is not. Consider the times this was all happening. The 80’s and 90’s.Where I grew up, tickling was seen almost daily from somewhere, be it media, or in real life. It was an accepted custom of play among kids. No one gave it a second thought. I wasn’t the only tickler in town, just one of the more KNOWN ticklers in town. On a summer day, you could drive around neighborhoods and see kids chasing each other around yards, tackling and tickling each other all the time. Go to the city pool. Screams of laughter could be heard all over from that unexpected underwater tickle. I write to reflect the male versus female tickling experience, but there were many instances where the guys got tickled as well, myself included. But that’s not my area of interest.
I would lay in bed at night in deep thought and think up games to play involving tickling. My sis would have girls over, on weekends for sleepovers and I would spring one of these games on them like “Tickle Twister.”
“Tickle Twister” was played like regular Twister, but when they placed their hand or foot down, I would tickle each player for a count of ten, and if they stayed put, they were safe. If they moved from their spot, they lost. We would play it with two players competing at a time, in rounds. Then semifinals, and then final playoffs. The winner gets 10 bucks from me; the loser gets tickle tortured by all of us for 10 minutes. I got my sister to play along with me when it was just another girl playing instead of a whole bunch. Tiffany would lose the first game, and then win the second game so it was 2 out of 3, winner takes all, and then Tiffany would win the third game as well, so I could tickle her cute friend to death for 10 minutes. Tiffany would gladly help me tickle her friends, because that meant she, herself would not be getting tickled. Tiffany was DEATHLY ticklish, so any reprieve she got from being tickled was a blessing. These girls would howl and cry from Tiffany and I tickling each foot. But it was fun for everyone in the long run.
Another game I used to like to play with them was who could take their feet tickled the longest. I’d give one of them a digital stopwatch and they’d keep time of each girl being tickled. When they’d yell,” Fire truck” I would stop and so would the time. Then the timer would write down the time, not telling anyone, and it would go to the next person, and so on. After all the girls were tickled, the time was then announced for each girl. The longest time, wins 10 bucks. The shortest time gets tickled by all of us for the entire amount of time of all the girls combined! I really liked that game a lot!
One day there were a total of 7 girls all playing. Tiffany, Taylor (Who was then my girlfriend all the way up through high school and one of my sis’s best friends) Alexis, Big Heather, and Little Heather, (Because she was only 4’ something, and Big Heather was 5’4) Katie, and a new girl named Jessica. All these girls were very cute. Katie was a little chunky, but still cute. The others were all petite and thin.
I explained the rules of the game to everyone and they all agreed. The only one that looked upset was the new girl, Jessica. She didn’t say anything, but had a very worried look on her face. They al picked a number at random 1-6 and I had previously wrote them down in a random order as well. I know, dear reader, there were 7 girls and only 6 numbers. I found out Katie was not ticklish. Not at all, nowhere. I tried, but she just looked at me when I tickled her. No reaction. So she became the timekeeper.
First girl up was Little Heather. She lay on her back on the couch, placed her bare feet in my lap and I would hold her ankles under my arm tightly and tickle away on her little feet. She would laugh and squirm, hit the couch, scream and toss her head around, but wouldn’t pull her feet back. After a while, she couldn’t take it and yelled fire truck. Katie stopped the clock and wrote the time down. Next up was Taylor. She did the same thing, I started tickling her feet and she squealed and laughed, bucked, and generally went crazy, but held on for a good, long time. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, and said fire truck also.
Then it was Alexis’s turn. She placed her feet on my lap, I began tickling, and she reacted really funny. Her face contorted in weird ways as she laughed hysterically. All the girls laughed and thought it was funny. After a while, she too, said fire truck and I stopped.
Big heather’s turn was next, and she had a loud excited laugh and squirmed like there was no tomorrow. But eventually, she too succumbed to my tickling fingers and I stopped.
Tiffany, my sis, was up next, and Like I said, she was DEATHLY ticklish on her feet. She shrieked and thrashed and freaked out but held on for a pretty long time, but finally gave in, too.
The last girl to go was Jessica. Now, she decides she doesn’t want to play and I told her if she didn’t. she would automatically become the loser and we would all tickle her for the combined time of everyone else. She agreed to play, but had this fearful, worried look as she slowly, timidly placed her bare feet in my lap. I started tickling her feet right in the arch and she starts wailing. This girl was TICKLISH! She thrashed around, laughing and crying. Yes, dear readers, CRYING! After 5 seconds, the girl was crying real tears, and freaking out just from me tickling her feet. I thought Tiffany’s feet were the most ticklish, but this girls feet were even MORE ticklish! Jessica wailed, and howled, begging me to stop, and pulled hard, but I held on trying to find the most ticklish spot on her feet. I found that under her toes and the balls of her feet made her shriek the loudest and cry the hardest. After only a few minutes, she finally screamed fire truck and I stopped. She pulled her feet away and curled them under her and wrapped her arms around her knees and sobbed. I told Katie to tell us the times and who won and who lost.
This is how it stacked up.
Little Heather-12: 28 seconds.
Taylor 15:14 seconds.
Alexis 11:43 seconds.
Big Heather 12:10 seconds
Tiffany 8:53 seconds
Jessica 5:27 seconds.
Well, we all knew who LOST. Jessica jumped up to run, but we grabbed her and held her on the floor. I told Katie to add up all the times together and tell us how long we get to tickle Jessica. Total time was 55 minutes and 15 seconds. Almost a total hour! I handed Taylor the 10 bucks for winning, and then we looked at Jessica laying on the floor already in tears and begging us not to do this. I said, ready? Set, TICKLE! And we all proceeded to tickle this girl into hysterics for the next hour. Taylor and myself each took a foot, and the other girls divided up the rest of her body. Armpits, tummy, ribs, knees, thighs, all her most ticklish spots got tickled at once. I think her feet were still by far where she was the most ticklish. So, Taylor and I worked her feet over with fervor. At one point we were both licking and sucking her toes, nibbling, and scraping our teeth up and down her soles from her heels to her toes. We turned this girl from a whimpering girl, into a wild, hysterical maniac in seconds. She screamed and screamed, begged, pleaded, cried until she was hoarse, but we kept on tickling. That was the rules. When the time was up, we all stopped and she just laid there on the floor curled up into a fetal position and cried for a while. We all got something to drink, and brought a soda back for her. I hugged her and told her it would be all right. Soon she recovered, and we all played other games and watched videos and stuff. It all turned out ok in the end.
High school was fun for me too, as a tickler. After school on weekends we had bonfire parties, and a few of us jocks went out with the cheerleaders, and on many occasions, we would capture a drunken cheerleader, hold her down and tickle her senseless for a long time while being encouraged by all the others. A lot of times we would set up different girls, and get them alone just to tie them up in the woods and tickle them for half the night. One girl in particular named Kaci was a real snotty *****. She thought she was all that and looked down her nose at everybody. Oh yeah, she was definitely a hottie, but so what? Looks don’t make you the greatest. Well, a few guys and even a few girls all decided it was time for her to learn a big lesson. It was in October close to Halloween and we were having a huge bonfire party out in the woods. Practically the whole school was there. We had set up everything ahead of time so pulling off this stunt on Kaci was a piece of cake. She was sort of naive anyway. We had a couple of the girls make up some excuse for them and her to walk way out into the woods for something. Us guys were out there waiting. The girls had a flashlight and they talked normal stuff as they walked with Kaci. When they got to the place they were supposed to be, they quickly turned out the flashlight and quietly crept away. Kaci was standing out in the middle of the woods hollering for the other girls to come back. That’s when we all crept in and making scary noises, chased her around a little while, getting her really scared and nervous. She’d run one way in the dark, then we’d head her off and she’d run another until eventually she had no clue where she was. Totally lost with no sense of direction at all. Then we got real quiet and just listened to her crying from fear and being lost. We quietly crept up to her and pounced! We dragged her along the ground by her ankles, and found a good-sized tree and pulled her up to it and secured her legs around the trunk tying her ankles together in the back. Then we grabbed her hands and tied them together and with a long rope pulled it tightly and tied it up to a lower tree branch effectively keeping her arms way over her head. We were all wearing scary masks and black hoodies and stuff so she didn’t know who we were. After we tied her up we just walked away from her making scary noises as we went. She was petrified! I slowly crept up behind the tree she was tied to and with as little noise and movement as possible started slowly untying her shoes one at a time. My friends were making scary noises way out in the background all around her so she was totally freaked out when she felt something tugging gently at her laces. She’s like? Who’s there? Is somebody there? What’s going on? Help me somebody! Then when I started steadily tugging at her shoes she started screaming! “NOOO! Something is taking my shoes! HEEEELP! SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!! HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!” And then after I took off her shoes, I lay there for a long while as my friends all continued making noises and I could hear her talking and whispering to herself. This girl was SCARED! She did a lot of verbal praying, and talked to herself as if she was someone else. It was TOO FUNNY. Then I started sliding off her socks one at a time. She screamed again and freaked out. I stopped and sat there quietly again for like 10 minutes. Then I went away quietly and got together with everyone else and we all surrounded her from like 50 yards away and started saying in evil witch and demon voices things like, Were going to get you! Is the pretty girl ticklish? I bet she is! We’re gonna get her! I want to eat her toes! We will teach HER to entire our enchanted woods by herself! Lets let the tickle monster loose on her! He will get her good!” Now dear reader, as you read all these things, remember, we were saying it from 20 different directions all around her as we quietly crept closer. By the time we got within 5 feet of her she was sobbing to herself,” Oh NO! They’re gonna tickle me! Please God! Don’t let them tickle me! You know how I hate to be tickled. !” I mean she sounded like she had a real phobia against being tickled. This was gonna be REALLY fun, then!
I managed to sneak up to her feet and started scratching her soles. She let out a scream and started laughing hysterically immediately! Then others crept up behind her and started tickling her armpits, ribs, her knees, just all over. She shrieked and screamed, laughed, begged pleaded with God and everyone to stop the tickling. That just made us tickle her more! One girl snuck her hands up under Kaci’s shirt and really tickled her armpits bad! She was thrashing all over as much as her restraints would allow. We probably tickled the hell out of her nonstop for at least an hour. Then we just stopped and cut the rope from her ankles and wrists and crept away silently. I took her shoes and socks with me though.
We all got back to the party and I sent the two girls back out to get her. They started calling for her as soon as they left the bonfire.
The people that new about the prank said it sounded like we were killing her out there. I t was hysterical to everyone there. They listened to her screams and laughter the whole time.
The girls finally came back with Kaci, limping from being barefoot and she was a mess. Hair all tangled, clothes dirty and sweaty, mascara running all down her face from crying so much. She looked pitiful. We all acted concerned and asked her what happened. She said some demon monsters captured her and tickled her. She thought they were going to tickle her to death. The two girls that walked out in to the woods with her said they had turned around and she was gone. They said they kept looking for her for a long time before they found her. She asked them; didn’t they hear the voices or see the monsters? But the girls said they didn’t hear or see anything. This really freaked Kaci out even MORE. She decided that she wanted to go home; so a couple girls drove her. I kept her shoes and socks for a trophy for several years after that.
I know. It was a mean thing to do, but sometimes, with some people, they totally deserve that kind of thing, ya know?
Well, that about sums it up for me as I grew up as an obsessed tickler. I had many more tickle torture experiences in high school, and then when I went to college, the fun really happened. But I will write that as another story in the future. I will write shorter detailed stories about certain tickle episodes from my childhood as I think back and remember them. Until then, dear readers, if she’s ticklish, then tickle the hell out of her. If she’s barefoot, tickle ‘em!
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And the fetishists and foot freaks flock here to share their obsessions.

So essentially he created you into the tickle domme you are now...... My nerd side can't help but think. What if the slightest change then would effect the present. Example: Lets say one of the games you and your brother played, and he did not throw it. That slightest change could have effected the future. Resulting in you never meeting your old mistress.

OMG my brother loved tickling me. He used to pounce on me and tickle my feet to death( my feet are super ticklish). One time he jumped on my and started tickling my feet. Now, my feet are super sensitive, so I was screaming for him to stop. As usual he didn't. I was squirming around by then and was kicking all over the place. I jerked my head and hit the coffee table. I had braces at the time and a bracket came loose and fell out on impact. When someone being tickled says stop, the Tickler should say stop. Good thing nobody was hurt in the tickle game. BTW do you still know the Jessica in your story, I'm also Jessica

Have any pics of your feet?

Can you show me the picture when Jessica is being tickled?

i duno, i feel like they shouldnt have kept beign tickled when they cried, esp that girl jessica, she was alreayd timid and nervous and it was just forced on her. and then she was crying afterwwards too. im glad shes ok but jsut seemed REALLY disturbing :/ cruel even..

Oh my goodness!! Id woulda freaked out and accidently hurt em >.< tickling me is a big no no because it makes me squirm and my maiin thing is to flight/fight lol so I've accidently kicked someone :/

I don't believe in hell, but I wish it existed, just for you and others like you, you sick, twisted ****. I hope they find you and torture you till your soul dies, you disgusting piece of animal.

Ok, so, that came out before I knew that you were the sister. Sorry. Kind of.
I'm a tickle victim of my father from since I was very young, but all the memories are almost completely suppressed, so I have no idea how bad it was. It's been screwing things up, causes horrible insecurity and messes up intimacy and ***** up my memory. I think I'm going to go get hypnotherapy and do some research/try to cure it.
Please don't hurt anyone cause of what your brother did.

I'm sorry you had issues growing up with abuse from your fsather. I do hope you do seek coundeling and get well. As fr me, it wqsn;t really ABUSE I suffered, but it was a form of torture, that's for sure. But no, it did not mess me up in any way. I am now a Professional Domme that specializes in tickling other girls. (I'm Lesbian). And I have a very normal life, and I always try to help others in any way I can. So, I guess I'm lucky as well as blessed. I hope you too get blessed and get better.

They're the same person. There's no "sister."

Your brother is so cool. Where were you in the story?

Yeah, it's cool to tickle somebody for an hour against her will.

I love these stories! Does your stepbrother have an account as well? I'd love to read some more stories he has. :)

right now I really want to get tickled. I am very ticklish. I haven't gotton tickled sence I was a kid. and right now I really want to. I love it

Mmmmm, amazing story. I should have been so lucky growing up!

I so wish i knew you :/

Yep. All over, but I LOVE tickling girl's feet the very most:)

Ever tickle anyone on areas that weren't just feet?

And I thought I was an insatiable tickler growing up!

what a story! Sooo desc<x>riptive.just like I was there.Glad I wasn't though.EXTREMELY TICKLISH all over!

Hi Tiff. I am a LEE and would love to get tied up and tickle tortured by you!

Sorry, i'm lesbian, and only tickle and play with other girls. Never do anything with guys.

Hmm, I am a Bi- and play with everyone! I so wished you haven't "cut" half of your world away! We could have made beautiful music together.

great story! Im a tickler, but im still in my teens. I also have a girlfriend who has freakishly ticklish feet, I found out when my dog started licking them and she jerked. Can you give me advice about ho to make her trust me getting close to them, or at least replying to this so i know another person with a tickle fetish. Thanks

Bigheart, just grab her foot and start tickling it! start lightly so not to scare her, and just have fun with it. if you two are real close and can talk honestly and open up, just tell her you like to tickle her feet. maybe even offer to give her footrubs to start with.