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Helplessly Ticklish Slave.

(this is a fantasy/fictional story i have dreamed about many a times, warning this is a very long story) ******= 0rgasm it blanked it out.

I was walking through the eerie Middleton woods in Leeds, U.K. I always liked to adventure the Middleton woods as a child and even now as a teen (15) I was walking down a familiar path, but it was foggy so I was stumbling more frequently than I would have usually.
I had a few loose leaves in my hair, in which i was currently pulling out, then I fell over a tree root and so I tumbled down a rather large hill. I had no idea what happened next but everything kind of went fuzzy, tuned out and just blacked out. I was knocked out by rolling down a hill!?

I felt myself come back to reality but everything was still dark, were I dreaming, did I lose my eye sigh- surely not?, then what happened. I shuffled around a bit and the next thing I know the tip of these freezing cold fingers stroked under my eye and started lifting up the darkness... Ah, it was a blindfold.

I blinked from the sudden lighting, although it was quiet a dim room, and the first thing that filled my vision was a beautiful handsome gorgeous cute....( i think you get it)... guy. It could be said he was a man, he looked around 17-20.

I just laid there in aw staring at the wonderful creature, of course he was human, but gee was he exquisite. After I came to my senses and recovered from the beauty of the sight, I looked around to explore my surroundings I noticed we were in a huge cave, but smooth rock rather than the stereotypical Jaggered rock.
There was a trickle of a waterfall in the corner. That was almost as much-a-exquisite as the man. As I went to sit up I only just noticed my hands were tied to the table above my head, and as i looked down my legs entered into stocks but I couldn't see where my feet were as the stocks were in the way of my view.

I turned my attention back to the lad and as soon as i did so he said in the most sexiest husky voice "Hello there, my name is Mathew but call me Matty, may I ask your name?"
I stumbled my senses going into overload trying to absorb the sight of him, his manly sent and the sound of his sexy erotic voice.
"R.....Re...becca. Rebecca, but please call me*gulp* Becky"
"Well hello, Becky, not that I mind such a beautiful specimen enter my territory and forgive me for the rush of questions but, what business do you have around these parts of Luuxen"
I almost fainted, he called me beautiful, he even made specimen sound like the most deep thoughtful and meaningful compliment. My heart melted.
"Luuxen? But sir, I was only going for my routinely walk in the woods when i fell down a rather steep hill. I apologies for intruding your territory i will leave right away"
"Luuxen is my 'City' if you like, as I understand thats a common term for how you label the borders of your territories. And please, call me matty."
"Luuxen (I said it like i was tasting the word) well we dont really have territories but i think i understand what you mean si....matty. I will leave right away if you could please unlock these... chains... speaking of which, may i ask why i am in these?"
"Well you see, i have sent out letter to your father he has 80 days to pay your ransom, you will not be leaving im afraid."
"R....r....r...ransom" A shiver ran down my spine.
"Yes as in the price your father has to pay in getting you back"
"Oh speak english you little cutie-pie"
"How much are you barging for?"
"Only 6,000,00 silver of the valley, Thats the currency we work in. I believe thats around £3,000,00 british pounds sterling or i think if my converter intellect is up to date around $4,572,30 US dollars."
"That.... that... thats a lot of money, our family is suffering tough times. What happens to me if my family can not pay it?"
" You will be kept here as my slave" This thought didnt sound so bad for me because thats practically what i do at home...
The next thing i know theres a sharp tickle shock sent from the sole of my foot up to my heart and back down i squirmed.

"What are you doing?" He dragged another finger down my sole i giggled again.
" alittle ticklish are we, oh and you do know, by slave u didnt mean just any slave i ment my personal tickle slave."
"nooo please dont tickle me"
"Comon i know you enjoy being tickled"
"No i dont please" Although i really love being tickled... as long as it is playfully.
Just suddenly i got a full 10 finger tickle assault on my left sole. I screamed i bucked and squirmed but i coulda hardly move an inch. Firework was exploding within me.
He stuck his fingers at the base of my toes and in between. It sent wave after wave of ticklish assault on my sensitive nerves. I realised my toes were strapped apart so i couldnt even crunch my feet to avoid the ticklishly lethal touch. He moved up behind my knees and squeezed, he got a small squirm. He then moved to my hips where i bucked from the horrifically wonderful torture. It made me giggle with such power my throat was dry and my lungs had expanded to their fullest.
"Well my beauty, i believe im going to have fun with you, the 80 days for your farther to pay the ransom starts tomorrow. You need your beauty sleep"
I found within seconds i had fallen asleep.


Day 1.

I woke up slowly to the sound of the small waterfall trickling. I opened my eyes slowly and saw again, Matty standing in front of me. I must say i enjoy waking up to the sight of him. I realised i was in a new position, surprisingly comfortable. I was in a hog tied, laid on my belly with my arms and legs tied together few inches above my back to form a kind of triangle. I also noticed i was on a large foamy mattress.

"Rise and shine little one."
And with that the tickling started straight off. He scribbled on my soles continuously for a good 1 minute straight. I was panting extremely heavily. The worst thing, like the previous position, i couldnt see what he was doing. That just increased my sensitivity. Then it stopped. I could see him walk towards the waterfall with a test tube. He filled it and walked back.
He pored it on my feet.
"What does that do"
Knowing it can not be good. I could already feel a tingly sensation spiing on my instep of the sole. It was already causing me to erupt in slight giggles.
He then just put 1 finger on the centre of my sole and moved it round slowly in a circle. "NOAAHHHHHHH" I screamed the loudest i have ever strained to shout. My lungs paid for the scream after. They started burning increasingly quickly. It tickled so bad. But the most annoying thing was; I enjoyed it. I felt a large ****** well up. And he stopped just before release.
"Beg me to tickle you, beg me to release you"
I wont lie, i wanted release so bad right then and there but i wasnt sure whether it was worth the extreme tickle assault. "No, please stop."
"wrong answer" He then started a 10 finger spider tickle assault on my small, size 4, soles. I cried and cried. And again a pressure built up screaming at my body to release but my brain was saying 'NO dont be stupid'.
"All you gotta do is saaaay it!" He taunted.
"Please tickle me!! Please give me release i beg" He kept that build up long enough that i just had to beg.
"Should I?"
"no i dont think i will"
Then again he started but this time a 5 finger tickle assault on each foot. BEATUFUL TORTURE this time i didnt have to beg, he just continued as it welled up, i could feel it begging for release, promising anything. My body seemed to beg for itself without me saying anything. I knew he was finally going to give me what I wanted. He slowly drew circles around my soles 1 finger each per sole. And he started licking inbetween my toes and i burst. The loudest most explosive ****** i have ever had, despite being 15 ive had my fair share (remember this is a fantasy- im no prostitute) and he dragged it out for what seemed like an eternity. It was torturous ecstasy. I wanted it to go on forever. I always loved tickling, but this took it to the whole new level. And its only 10am and on the first day. Im in for a right 80 days.
He finally paused and untied me. I was exhausted from the 1 ******! It could have counted for millions considering the length of time he teased it out and the tickling was a turn on for me anyway, especially with such a guy doing it.

He threw me over his shoulder and he put me in a horse and cart. I just snuggled there still quivering from the wonderful memories. When i realised there were 2 other men in the cart with me and Mat. Oh god.

What seemed like hours later, despite it being only 10:30.
We reached a new cave, carefully hidden with amazing camouflage.
"Becky, welcome to the games room, it sounds relaxing. Dont get your hopes up girl"
And he gave me a quick 10 minute tour and introduced me to klian (pronounced kl-ee-an) and tamew (pronounced tam-eww) he the room basically consisted of tickle games- surprise surprise.
The first one i was tol i had to play was tickle twister. They spun for me. left foot blue. Right foot green. Left arm yellow. Right arm blue. As it ended up (because they told me the exact dot i was to put my limbs on- so i couldnt take the easy way out) i ended up with my right arm twisted under my body while my left arm twisted under my body (following the right arms trail backwards) and same with my legs so my left limbs were on my right and vise versa. And then they would lift up my top, a pretty pink flowery tank top, and tickle me with fingers tongues feathers... until i dropped. We played this for a good 2 hours before i finally lasted 1 minute of the tickle.
Then we moved onto the next one, here was a torture chair, they strapped me in, i knew there was no point struggling.
it was a normal chair but my arms was handcuffed to a bar above my head. And my feet to a plate at the bottom of the chair.
i was explained simple rules: If i were to pull on the bar an alarm would sound and from the side numerous feathers would pop out and tickle my whole upperbody (i was in underwear now) if i stamped on the plate below my feet a different alarm would sound and the plate would move and my feet would be tickled mercilessly too. All the while being tickled by Matt, Klian and Tamew. It started.. Klian started licking my belly button, all around the rim dipping inside with a torturous motion and Tamew scribbled on my soles and Matt my newly shaven and moisturized underarms and naturally i pulled down on the bar because Matty has grown used to my body and knew just where to touch to make me go down the insane route. My hands still high above my head 10 feathers and brushes popped out using machinery, at each side. The intensity most definetly increased and i screamed cried bucked breathed in panted moved squirmed you name it i did it. But not even all of the techniques put together eliviated a second of my intense tickle torture. It came to a slower pace after about 5 minutes. But its hard to keep track of time when all sane thoughts are driven out of your head and replaced with "haha's" and "this tickles".
It stopped.
Matty was the first to break the silence "did you enjoy that small one" .No matter where or who i go to i always get called small one, but im 5'2" which is still pretty tall and i
weigh 90lbs. I just dont understand it...
"Answer truthfully little one." (note the nickname changes to aid his voice in controlling me-not physically) I wasnt sure how to answer but i didnt want to make a fool out of myself so i answered "no its torture, please allow me to go home."
"Nice try little one but I dont think your telling the truth". In that split second of him finishing all 3 guys in unison started a seekout tickle assault where they hit every sensitive nerve on my body. Not one nerve was left untickled after the 1 whole hour of that insane tickle torture. I was on the brink of insanity so i screamed, through painfully dry throat and lungs. I was so hoarse i hardly heard myself yet the guys stopped when i squealed "I loved it."
"Thats more like it, but you know it would have been much more plesant had you been honest, and i can make you tell the truth anyhow but i wanted to tickle that slim firm body of yours" He stared into my eye and i felt his eyes echo 'do you like being tickled'. It was compulsion... like in the vampire films. I immediatley clammped my mouth shut but it opened involentarally "I love being..*pant*... tickled. Its a fetish of mine. Especially when cute guys such as Matty it in charge i feel vulnrable and turned on. I hope my father pays the ransom towards the end of the 80 days." I almost cried with embarrassment  when i finally finished. I felt like i couldnt stop telling him things. It was awful. 
"for that little added part, i didnt even ask for, i will reward you with 6 hours of pleasantry tickles"
"WHAT!" 6 hours seemed out of the question i mean... 6 whole hours thats like 360 minutes....21600 seconds or torture...
"Chill out little one, you will enjoy it, you have my word, now come."
He explained although im 'never going to want the 6 hours to end' he has to tie me down to stop reflexes.
So im tied horizontally on an X frame. The other too guys, i was too delusional of thinking of whats coming to remember their names, but they brought a large metal contraption, well i say large... it was big enough to....FIT ROUND MY HIPS! They placed this large metal 'pantie shaped' contraption in replacement of my actual underwear...
But the men were polite and tried their best not to look.
So i had this abnormal panties on and I was currently being soaked to the skin with that special holy water from the fountain. All over my god dam body... oh i was in for it."of course we have to make it a bit tickle-torturous too" whispered matty to one of the other two. I heard that little whisper and it shook me to the bone. Then he stood at my feet and i looked square at him. He said "let me introduce you to the new contraption"
He didnt tell me what it did straight away he just pressed the little red buttonat the bottom of the control he was holding. The panties started to vibrate. And it tickled like crazy is shook my whole body with pleasureable tickles. He switched it off. Meanwhile the water was having it tingly affect and doing its own tickling naturally so i was already stiffling giggles and nobody was touching me. Then he said "but you see this (indicating to the remote controle)  this adjustment arrow can turn up or down the intensity, want to give it a try" i just stared at him... from here i could see how many settings it had, it was like a dial on a cooker/oven but the numbers went to a higher scale... i think.
He somehow took my silence as a yes and turned it to number 2. I could definitly tell the difference it was vibrating every cell around my sensitive womanhood, i was STILL recovering from the hugely enormous ******. It tickled enough i giggled out loud and boy did it tickle. But i LOVED it.
He turned it up again and my laughs became very audiable... how the heck can this go to such numbers desplayed on the dial... i hope i find our because this number 3 is touching every nerve from my area to me knees. He turned it up to 5..."You missed 4" I screamed as vibrations moved up to my belly button and tickled every nerve ending and cell. Imagine this: you know when a boy (or a girl in this case, if your a male reader) teases you but lovingly so it makes it funny and makes you feel all warm inside? If you can relate to this its like having an infinite amount of that person at ever atom sized area of your nerve and skin. I was a ticking mess already. But i loved it. And i could feel another 'helluvan-******' it was welling up at the setting 5 took a hold of all my body shacking relentlessly. And release came im pretty sure all 3 of the lads' 'you know what' stuck up on end. It was long and i dont know how he had such control over the machine but Matty made the ****** drag our for a very long time. And he was right i was loving it so much. He finally let the ****** pass... now i am super sensitive 'downstairs' he teasingly pushed the arrow to 6 and slowly pressed the red button and the machine came back to life i could now feel my feet being tickled mercilessly, maybe it was all in my head but these erotic vibrations were doing things to my body i wish would never end. He kept cranking it up level by level. It had dragged on... And i was glad.. It felt like an eternity... but it had been an hour (he has a digital clock next to my X frame) and he reached 20 and pressed the red button. I screamed i begged (- for him to continue hehe) it was now focusing on my woman area teasing ever fine little tiny nerve and god it was the worst tickling i have ever faced in my whole life... and by worst i mean the most ticklish experience... and yet I LOVED IT.... then to top it all off he just shoved the dial to 30 pressed the button threw the remote into a nearby chair and all 3 lads jumped to my feet belly and underarms and carrassed very slowly and erotically. I was crying with lust. It tickled but it was absolutely legendary. Nothing could beat this amazing experience every nerve was on fire with ticklish delight. 3 hours had passed of this non stop tickle 'torture' and i wanted it to continue i wanted more. But Matty stopped it. I was panting hard "More... More... i have 2 hours left" ( 3 hours plus the hour of testing) 
"Nu-uh, i have something better an upgrade shal we say" Replied matt.
He got some more rope and tied it like a harness around the line of my metal pants and just underneath so it sat in the crease of my legs. It made me feel extremely vulnrable... It was amazing. And every time i moved (which i couldnt move at all, but when i tried moving) the ropes created a very interesting sensation that shot throughout my body... This is going to be fun. I was just in one more predicament... should i tell them about... THE spot. My belly button being licked is the ultimate turn on. It tickles a hell lot, my feet could class as tickle more but thats because its a wider area, if you get a fine enough tool to get in my belly button... im gone... im yours. I rack up the guts to make my experiance that much more pleasurable... if thats possible. 
"Sir... Please could you lick my most ticklish spot whilst doing this"
"Sure thing little one, im glad your getting in the spirit of things, and where would that be"
"My.... Belly.... Button"
"You know what... that took a lot of guts to say.... so i will forfill your command and you get to choose when to end this session, get rid of the time limit, you just tell me"
I didnt even get to finish and he turned the machine on to 35 and he jumped straight in licking my belly button while one of the other guys circled the instep withe 5 fingers on one hand and with the 5 fingers on the same foot but carressing the heel and then sucking on my toes licking in between on my other foot. I was in ecstasy. Thats not even including the special water tickles or the guy ravaging my soft underarms. Or the funny tickly vulnrability the ropes gave a sense of whenever i moved just that tiny bit... and after 5 minutes i had the ****** of all ******* it was dragged out for at least 1 hour. I was near collapsing but i wanted to continue....

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I have a small tickle fetish as well
thing is i dont know how to tell my GF

Wow! Just wow!

add/message me!

My wife LOVES to be tickled as well!

can we have a tickle caht, i love tickling