The Reason I Am On This Site.

A couple of years ago I was in a situation where I would hardly ever leave the house, rarely answer my phone and never open my mail.
I had gone from a confident person who loved the company of friends and basically enjoyed life to the full.
Due to my circumstances depression set in and before long I became someone who shied away from any basic human contact.
I was living with family at this time and in the beginning they were supportive and did all they could to encourage me out of this state.
But I didn't respond and over time their support became frustrationand then annoyance. And they were totally right to feel that way because compared to many other people I have met over the years my life has been a picnic.
So anyway, it got to the stage where the positive input they were giving me (that I had taken for granted ) was now rejection and disdain.
I realised I needed positive dialogue, whether it was how I spoke to myself or how others spoke to me. And that's when I came across this site.
Being able to share my experiences and receive encouragement has helped me enormously.
It is only part of the changes I have made to get my life back on track but it has been a huge help. I still have a bit of a way to go but I now feel there is hope whereas I thought there was none to be found.
I would love to how others have found help in their circumstances and I hope this helps someone else as that would make everything worth it.
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13 Responses Aug 16, 2010

It happened with me as well...I am getting back on track but still have to be back ...

Sharing experiences and encouraging others in theirs is so very rewarding ..l

Thank you for sharing your encouraging story.

God bless you,am glad your feeling more secure and blessed these days. I have had struggle"s and great loss in my life but my family and friends and faith in God kept me going. I hope you never stop fighting and know there is always hope in tomorrow.

It's great that you were able gain inspiration from this place. Keep going and don't stop!

EP is a wonderful place to be in. It gives offers you the time and space that you would not otherwise had.<br />
Georgy, the many who find themselves rejected due to their situation seems to be increasing.<br />
Support, is super here

I came across this site in much the same manner as you and have and also found the world of ep very supportive. I am very grateful for it. You go girl ! ! ! . . . 8D

EP is a great place to feel like you are reaching the world and I hear your saddness, but your on your way up...There is a light and Love abounds...but remember if the mirror seems a bit harsh one day or someone has something negative to say...Its just their mirror reflicting back at you and you are helping them see how it could be brighter if they get rid of what they are seeing that they don't like...Be compassion, Be the Love and Light for others to grasip and hold on too....Everyone has Good and Bad and everyone should just Love and vibrate that energy out to everything and everyone we see....Love and Thainks for share your wonderful story, Mary

You sound how I feel but no one knows nor do I if I am honest if I am depressed. I know I want to shy away from the world so much crawl away were its safe and dark but maybe I am just I don't know juat wierd?

I too live with depression. It's challenging to communicate to those who do not have depression how we must re-construct ourselves daily, just to get out of bed. I'm psyched to find this site; I hope to gain self-esteem by being honest and reaching out to others. I want to stop isolating myself. Coping with depression is real difficult to accept. Yet what are our choices? <br />
<br />
I'm not trying to be a downer. I'm confused myself. <br />
<br />
Living with mental wellness issues is not what any of us really want; we didn't ask for these genes/dna/etc. and outside influences that killed our neurotransmissions. Yet in spite of the dark side of living with mental wellness issues can be a choice; whether or not to give into the shadow side or live in the light of life.<br />
<br />
Those are our choices.<br />
<br />
You are not alone darling. You are important. I support you.

or know what to do, most of the time family have no clue what the root of the depression is coming from. This is why getting a non family to help with the depression would be much better.

Depression has such a huge impact on even trhe most simplist and enjoyable things in life. I think at some point in our lives we do go through some forms of depression, and there is some rtruth to this because there are those who go thjrough an altar ego to stay protextedbut still take some risks to see what happened. I am pleased to see that you have taken trhe steps to comw out of this and it is the fr<x>ame work that will define who you will be, not this depressed person who fears life itself

I thank you for sharing this.<br />
<br />
This site supports and that support is rare in our life sometimes.