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Guess That’s Just It

If I’m in a blue mood, I won’t talk much to anyone. A friend may see me on Skype or EP, but I won’t be talking to them even if they’re online.

There are some people I always let know if I’m online and if they want to talk, but some days my mind is not here and thinking of gloomy topics. If I’m in a “depro” mood, I just don’t like speaking to people. I don’t want my horrible mood to rub off on them. If they’re having a bad day, then they’re welcome to speak to me about it, but I don’t really like telling people about my problems and complaints. I hate worrying, burdening and annoying (I mean in a way of not being playful… I irritate some friends on purpose to joke around with them) people.
If I don’t use emoticons or make little faces in comments, wallposts or IM’s, then one can be kind of sure I’m not in a to0o social mood. Many of my friends have caught me out like that. When I’m in a good mood, happy, bouncy and funny, there’s always a smiley face, or =D or just something random by it. If they don’t see any of those… then they shouldn’t expect me blabbering on and speaking a lot. Which I know is not really nice of me.
I am here, but I want to be quiet because I’m sad.
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 5 Responses Apr 9, 2011

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*giggle-giggle* I forgive you, Soul Sistah! =P<br />
<br />
*smiles, hugs* Thank you, Tide. Means a lot. =]<br />
<br />
*nods* Whatever smiley or whatever I put by the stuff just seems so off to me then. Guess it’s one way people can catch me out in writing if something is bothering me. bublina picks it up quicker than anyone (if anyone else does). It’s in a way nice to be able to tell in such a way about those smileys and the ellipses that something could be wrong and you can ask them if you can help them or just let them know you are there for them. But sometimes it’s a curse on one’s self if one really doesn’t feel up to talking. It’s good of you for trying to notice thatThank you very much, peanlo. =)

About the smiley-thingy: I get that way too. I can't make myself use emoticons and smileys when I'm down, it's just not possible. Those who take the time to know me realize it quite quickly. I try to notice those things about others too. When they use too many "..." or don't use emoticons, I always ask if something's wrong.<br />
I'm here if you want to talk =)

*gasp* I can't believe I made that mistake! The horror! :O <br />
<br />

*hugs*<br />
<br />
My issues with English: "a lot."

*hugs* I get that way alot too.