Yeah That's Me

It could go either way, I go out and express myself which is too much for everyone to handle. 
So usually I just shutup and sitdown. 
WiltingBlossom WiltingBlossom
18-21, F
7 Responses Jul 29, 2011

I'm the same way.I hold it all in till I can break down in my room,in my shower,or at the hands of musical instruments.

There's a way out. Sometimes all you need is to listen to yourself. As well as talk to yourself too.

so is the end near to me? or there is w way out?

You need to get yourself a good sounding board... my partner says that she uses me for that purpose... verbal pingpong it isn't but I do get her off her high horse each time... shutting up is never a clever thing to do, neither is shooting one's mouth off but it's less harmful in the end of it all... good friends, good relations, good lovers, good partners, etc.

Lost my sounding board... had one of the best. And I agree.

how do u get on with it? i find it heart feels mouth feels speechless........i cover my eyes with shades so that no one knows the pain in them..........

I don't get on with it, I break down in my room.. I know how you feel.. I do the same, hide away.

Yeah, same. I'm still outward but there's a lot of me unexpressed. Yeah..

i did the same...........wen i opened up and expressed my feelings n thoughts i was fooled, embarressd and broken..............ive lost all trust n willingness to be a outward person.............instead i find darnkess n lonelyness to be my path.........till i see my end