A Friend

If you need a friend I am here.  Im a pretty good listener or reader and will help you if you need it.  So take care of yourself and know your not alone in the world because there is someone out there that does care *hugs*

tatteredwings tatteredwings
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I have learned that in a crisis I have called the self help line....no one to hug me or hold me but it sure made me feel safe knowing I could talk to someone who was willing to listen, I have been to councellors and even though there was no physcial contact it sure made me open my eyes to what I was feeling at times even though I knew the councellor was just watching the clock instead of really being interested in me.....and yes I have had false hope look me dead in the eye with promises for something good to happen and nothing ever does, but Im sure if there is someone out there who just needs to vent or share something, it feels good to have someone respond, and give them ideas on how to cope.

Good point and that is why I wrote that I am a good reader and even if Im not able to cuddle or hold someone, at least I can respond in words and no it isnt the same, but its sometimes better than nothing.