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Feeling Alone :( Please Help

Life seems very boring. Whole day work and then stay alone. It's frustating for me after working hard whole day I got no one to share my feelings. No one their for laugh or cry with me. Feeling very alone and sad. The life should be not like this. When I check my inbox I found mails only related to work. I stay alone and working in an environment where people don't have interest in sharing feelins. Don't know what to do now :(

Parihar Parihar 22-25 40 Responses Apr 22, 2010

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Feel free to message me whenever you'd like. I can easily relate to your situation. My life's the same everyday.

If you wish to have a letter in your inbox then message me and we can start corresponding.Up to you?

i feel the same

i am also feeling like the same as u mentioned....but a litbit difference b/w u n me is i have friends...but they are doing business with me...i really dint find anyone till now like me...who care for people....! i m here dude...u can share ur feelings with me...! :)

because life is meaningless without sharing it with someone who you care for and they care for you even a friernd its hard alone its sad its very sad

It's one chapter in your life. The boredom will pass, just don't let it overtake you. If you can't take time off of work or get a new job, just wait it out. You'll get an opportunity. <br />
Have you ever heard the saying attitude is everything? stay positive and you will get through it. Find some music that has to do with your situation. Watch funny shows on tv. Or like the girl above me said, get a pet. :]<br />
"Live your life always believing something good is about to happen."

if I could help you :(((( I just can tell you that life looooves changes and your life won't be so day something will be different.I have no close firend and no one to share my feelings.and I'm not so happy and my soul is always alarmed and one day I started jogging in the helped me so my advice is start jogging :)))

You can get a dog. Pets are the best kind of theropy. But im here if u want a friend k :). And dont worrie all will get better soon u just gatta do wat u love and know itll all get better. Also u can read alot of funny cartoons and hang out with family. Try and make friends in work or ur next door nabers. Its good that ur reaching out here forcompany just be carful or who u let in. Remeber im here and tho i may be young im a great friend.

I wanna be your friend cuz i kinda feel like you....<br />
I have people around me... and I love them... but we are actually not the same..... i get bored wif dem..<br />
<br />
maybe it works...

Hey! WHatever you are facing now is just temporary. Let me show you how you can pursue your happiness. Inbox me today & i'm glad to help you.

you know what no one obliges y to work all days. people always said that i have to work, i have to married ,have to feed children and finally everybody arrive in a decision that life s suck .>.<. y need to balance yr life, everyone has to die so why we have to abuse ourself for a whole life. <br />
Have a day off , join a group or club. think ab my idea ,dont suggest it is a day dream .good luck to y .

I feel very lonely and isolated too - if you happen to read my commen can we become friends?

I feel the same way....I have a similar 12 hours job routine. In fact my case is worse. I am ready to cut off my sleep if only there is someone to listen, laugh together, walk together etc etc...I spend most of the time playing games, or watching movies and all other stuff lonely people do.

same here... alone and incomplete.. loveless and going no where... million miles away from family in a very young age working very hard for family.

I don't stay with my family. hardly get time to visit my home. Want to stay with them and spend some time there but it's not possible.

Same situation here...

Hi Parihar,<br />
<br />
Do you any colleagues whom you can mix or connect with or any family members to hang up with?

Sometimes hope is worse than disappointment. If only we could be content being alone.

i understand what ur saying though im 14 even though i laugh alot i still feel alone i work hard at school but then everything goes and repeats itself.I had suicidal thoughts alot but i hold them back.<br />
<br />
If thats job u have right now is not ur dream job u should go and find a job that would make u happy i know its easier said then done but don't u rather live ur life knowing u try 2 accomplish ur dreams then 2 live a life that ur all alone.<br />
<br />
Its never 2 late.

to find an easy way to find someone with work you could try to find someone at your work that can talk to you so mabey you could be friends with him/her for the time your at work then you can devolpe a life with those people outside work if you ever got the time so you can basically "try them out"(lol) before you do have a life outside of work for them and wont be a mental wreck because of them but hey im a 13-14 year old boy who stil goes to school and i dont know anything about work so i hope this helps a little<br />
<br />
()()()_____YOUR FRIEND !992_______

you have to make the time to walk, to volunteer, to join. nothing will happen until you do, and it is very rough to hear that i know. take a quick walk around the block, but before you do write down your intention for that walk - to say hi to someone, to see a squirrel, to notice someones lawn sculpture, to pick up some litter - just do something. then something will happen. (I am of course talking to myself here...) one foot in front of the other.

you have to make the time to walk, to volunteer, to join. nothing will happen until you do, and it is very rough to hear that i know. take a quick walk around the block, but before you do write down your intention for that walk - to say hi to someone, to see a squirrel, to notice someones lawn sculpture, to pick up some litter - just do something. then something will happen. (I am of course talking to myself here...) one foot in front of the other.

Life does suck for everyone at one time or another... trust me, I've had the past 10 months from hell but have learned from it. You just need to keep your head up and keep letting others know what you are feeling... it's not the same as talking to someone face to face but it helps in the long run. I'm always looking for more friends, considering I've recently lost my bestfriend lately due to some indiscretions on my part, but if you want to talk, shot me a message!!! Hope you feel better!! :)

Sorry you are having these feelings! I noticed that you seem to work a lot of hrs. It would be unlikely that you are a bursting ball of energy at the end of the day. Very understandable! Do you work these hrs all the time because you want to avoid being alone and bored at home or does your career require it? Have you ever considered as a possible means to actually interacting with "live" people? This could be an option if you are in a fairly populated area. I recently moved and found some groups in my new area very willing to provide fun times for a new comer. Their really are so many people out here feeling like you do! Hope you have a great day friend, keep your head up.

Have you thought of joining your local church? Don't know if you're a believer or not but their are some really caring people at church. At least that was my experience.

Some times I feel that I should have to take you turn. End all the things here and start a fresh life again. But then I feel it may be too risky.

you could communicate with god and complain him for all that you have in your heart and go on and on making the bond more stronger trying yourself and begging him for support and bringing results to you. I have heard do not say that i have a big problem say i have a more great god. His greatness is more than the size of the problem. I am here for you hope you get all well soon.

kno the feeling .. Ground hog day .. lol ..<br />
sleep, work, go home, sleep, work go home ZzZzzzzz.. think others are right tho u gotta put urself out there when u can, and if you feel that ur afraid of being out there alone maybe try and look for things that suit ur lifestyle or even save for a holiday where ur on a tour with others and will end up with memories of ur adventures and hopefully some new friends too :D

When you start working, life can seem stuck in a routine. I graduated a couple of years ago, got my first job, and haven't rested truly since. Every day looks alike but you just can't stop! <br />
<br />
What I've found helpful is to slowly try a variety of different activities. It's hard at first because of the lack of time. But often you can commit to one or two hours per week maybe during the weekend. And then you get used to it. The bonus is you get to meet new people and create opportunities to catch up with your old friends. <br />
<br />
In any case I sympathize with you. I know how hard it can be working in a hostile environment. My first job was like that! But then I changed jobs so it's OK now. I sincerely hope it gets better for you too.

how can ur boss so harsh..!!! i under stand ur situation., but the issue is very simple : what do u want money or body!! if u do have a chance,i suggest u change a job...