I Am Here.

I love to help people. I love to listen and talk. This is me. 
I am not someone who will chase you down and beg for friendship. I wait for you to reach out. Tell me your story. Share with me and I will share with you. I will listen. BUT if you come to me.. I do NOT believe in sugar coating how I feel, I will listen and when asked tell the truth of my opinion on what ever it may be.. so if you want someone to kiss your butt and say only what you want to hear.. I am not the one to turn to. 
WOW that sounds almost mean. But I don' t mean it that way. I just have a heart  that thinks by telling only what someone wants to hear you are NOT a friend and you are NOT helping. 
so if you can handle that.. I will be here for anyone AS A FRIEND.
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I am the same way. I am a very bad liar, so I just don't do it. It seems the only time I have to sugar coat anything is in response to my husband. He says he wants 100% honesty, but when he gets it he accuses me of being selfish or thinks I don't want to be there (maybe I don't? I'm just not sure any more), or of not knowing what I want. I''m 42 years old and over the last few years I've come to the epiphany that I am what I am and that's ok. He doesn't seem to agree. When we fight he's constantly bringing up the past.Whether its my libido, or other partners, or attitudes he always tries to use the past as a validation for whatever it is he's not happy with me for at the moment.
After our last fight, I just quit sugar coating anything - including my moods and physical troubles. Now he's back to telling me he thinks I don't want to be with him anymore. Sigh.
Sorry to ramble. Advice is welcome. Most of my friends are too self-absorbed to care, or I can't trust them to keep issues like this to themselves. Maybe this site will give me new ideas/perspective/validation.
Thanks for listening.

Hi being 11 I need someone to talk to so umm oh I like the trth so u can tell me I don't like
Hereing what I want to here so if you could can u hit me up if u don't want to that's ok or mabyread one of my storys I don't know...

That's totally cool, I always appreciate honesty and an external perspective . . . I can handle it. Hope to chat sometime, check out my profile & drop me a line !

I need help and really need someone to talk to. Could you help me.

hey :) i might use advice from you. please read my post

Wow, it sounds like you are honest. lol I can handle that. How are you? Sorry, if I seen new to this. I am new this site. What are the rules that I should follow as a new member? Are we allow to say or tell where we live or anything like that?

I think that it is very noble that you are honest. I could really use that kind of honesty, it's hard to find now a days. So i am hoping that you can be honest with me now. i can really use a friend and i feel like i will be a good friend in return. But i have a lot of issues and feel like it is really hard for me to express myself. do you think you can be my friend, be truly honest and help me ?

Hi mysteriousme. You are a very kind person, and I could really use a friend and have someone I could talk to. Would you mind being friends with me?

I need a friend, please tell me what you think: Here is some background: I work in accounting for a manufacturing co. Every other week I cover the lunches and breaks for the switchboard operator. We are pretty close friends...so I thought. Her niece also works in accounting and covers the lunchesthat I do not. This week is my week to help cover and I went up and asked Kathy-receptionist- if he needed anything and she didn't and then told me she was going to lunch with Lynn, the sales supervisor and Chrissy who is also in sales. Kathy always takes lunch at 1 and so I offered to letbthem go at noon if they wanted and she said she would let me know, I go up later in the morning to put some mail up and walk near Kathy to ask her if she needed anything and she was typing an email. She quick<br />
Y miniized it but there was an earlier draft and so i seen what it said,..was in plain view. She wrote to Lynn and to,d her this was my week to cover switchboard and she wished it was mindys-her niece an went onto say that she better keep her lunch time at 1 or I would go and complain to our boss. I was furious. My grandmother just passed away and the funeral was Monday.. She comesup hugging all over me and acting like my best friend..but then she goes behind my back and says something like that. I have never complained to our boss about our lunch times. Anytime she needed to go I always let my boss know when I was tking Lu ch and if it was ok..but I never went behind her back as she put it And complained,.. He is in her 60's and her husband is in jail for rape..she is in denial and I think she does it for attention. But I have been there for her through it all..bought her food, sent her flowers.... And just because I make a nice gesture she does this...I maybe making a big deal but I just lost someone I was extremely close to and now a so called friend is tearing me down In front of others. Offices are crazy...so caddy..any advice???

ever heard of a depressed psychologist... who keeps giving and helping .. and promoting change... and no one wants to connect with him because they are ashamed that they had psychological problems.... well that's my story.

hello can we be friends?

um hi my name is really me im a real person and not a creep i swear. i really want a friend to talk to and not some fake. i want real advice and honesty for once in my life thnx please message me or reply back..<br />

I am very glad that a stranger wants to listen to a stranger. You do have big heart and lot of understanding for people. I like tell my problems to you, but it sounds like you have alot that you are dealing with. But i am looking just for a friend. I am not sure if you have time for that or not. Please if you do, let me know. I want to thank you in advance.

i could do with a friend....


wanting a person to talk to so i want lose it with this issue

Hey MysteriousMe. Like u said u are here to listen. I got married at the age of 19 and it has been 4 years now..though ours was a love marriage,we met whn i was in 8th grade and he was 8 years older to me.But i had never imagined that the person i had loved would turn out to be my worst nightmare...within 3 months of my marrige i realised this..he started drinking too much and when i tried to stop him he started beating me up..I was too scared to say this to anyone..i didnt know how to break this news to my family..still i tried to keep quiet for 3 years..but his violent practices continued..then one day i decided to tell everything to my parents..and after that we have been living apart..i come from a very conservative country like india,where marrige is considered sacred and not something you could break up.I don't know my relatives,friends evryone are gossiping about my life..and i harte it..sometimes i feel like killing myself...i don't know i still love him and want to be with him..but am scared..i can't think of another man ever..i am so damn confused..don't know what i should do??

What a gentle heart you must have

Im new to this and I desperately need to share my story...........my dyslexia gets in the way. I need a freind.

im new 2 so share wit me

you are a great woman to help any person this is teaches of Islam and ch, jaw regards

Ok tis is my first time i am doin tis but here it goes.... I loved a gal who was married to my good friend so i left town another place to avoid any complication then after two years I saw her and she told me she had divorced him and we got back togethter knowin that wwe love each other alot but then i had to travel aboard for work and her mom got sick now her mom is forceing her o marry wit a guy who has been wooin her since her divorce. wen she told her mom that she wanted to marry me her mom was against it coz she hates me :( I love tis gal and now i am aboard I dun know wat to do. She told me dhe is going to marry the guy coz her mom wishes her to n she is terminally ill too.<br />
Please advice me wat to do coz of tis I hav been drinin excessivly

I wan ta talk to u something it bothers me very much

I need a friend and someone to listen and care. I want to cry.

lets cry 2gather talk to me

ok then maybe you can help. I am unhappily married and I don't know how to tell him that I am unhappy. He has a very short temper. He has really bad emotional problems and he always wants me right under his thumb.<br />
He gets angry if I wanna go somewhere just by myself just to get away for awhile from him. I love him but I am not in love with him. Advice??

I am in almost boat call family,talk to God, thatis what i think

a kind person

Having a baby is HUGE. I can understand him not being ready but I also understand your desire. But remember you are 21, still young.. there is so much more life for you out there. <br />
My honest opinion would be give it time if you find that you just aren't on the same page about the future then it would be time to part ways and find someone who is better suited for the future you would like to have. <br />
You NEED to sit down and talk to him, explain how you are feeling. Find out WHY he isn't ready. Let him explain his feelings. Be kind and understanding. <br />
Most importantly REALLY think this through, a child isn't like a puppy.. it is a lifelong commitment. Your life is no longer YOURS anymore, everything you are, think, do and become revolves around a child. You won't sleep like you do now, you won't go out like you do now, you won't be like you are now. Having a child is wonderful, but are you REALLY ready at such a young age to make this kind of change? <br />
Take care, Mysterousme

hi this is my first time on here i just went though some bad s---
for 2 times i almost lost my leg and the other is hard to talk about i wanted 2 kill myself a lil still do (please talk 2 me)

Hey MysteriousMe. Like u said u are here to listen. My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 years now. The problem is that im dying to have a baby but he doesnt feel like he is. His 23 and im 21. Sometimes i cry myself to sleep thinking that "what if he never wants children" then im doomed. I cant wait to have a baby.

i need a friend.. i just lost a friend :(

Wow, you sound exactly like me. =) pm me! we can chat

Whatever. =)

I second RokasKristus :)

hello.. I am in search of a friend.

Thanks for your willingness to help those in need