I Am A Listener And My Friends Always Told Me I Can Give Good Advice

You can talk to me. I am here, on this side of the computer-screen, giving you my help voluntarily, because I love to listen to people. I love to help people more then anything in this world. I am also very much interested in psychology and I read a lot about the why's that people do, and why they feel a certain emotion. I don't ever know if my advice will truly help you, but I think there are always people out there who keep things locked up inside who need to spit it out. let it all out. My shoulders are waterproof. No matter where you live, you can let your emotions out with me.

My friends always told me I have the most amazing insights, though that doesn't mean I know an answer to every question, or a solution to every problem, but I am always willing to listen, think about it, and try to find the answers you need.

Asking nothing in return.. except for patience, because I can be very busy at times. 

I will be honest with you when I don't know how to help you I will tell you that.

But I can always give it a try, and you can call me Marleen. 
AngelicLights AngelicLights 26-30, F 2 Responses Jun 9, 2010

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I emailed you ;-)

Hi Marleen,<br />
I am feeling a bit lonely today and would like to connect with someone on a regular basis - If you're available could you email me - and use friendship as the sublect line opf the email<br />