I Am A Listener And My Friends Always Told Me I Can Give Good Advice

You can talk to me. I am here, on this side of the computer-screen, giving you my help voluntarily, because I love to listen to people. I love to help people more then anything in this world. I am also very much interested in psychology and I read a lot about the why's that people do, and why they feel a certain emotion. I don't ever know if my advice will truly help you, but I think there are always people out there who keep things locked up inside who need to spit it out. let it all out. My shoulders are waterproof. No matter where you live, you can let your emotions out with me.

My friends always told me I have the most amazing insights, though that doesn't mean I know an answer to every question, or a solution to every problem, but I am always willing to listen, think about it, and try to find the answers you need.

Asking nothing in return.. except for patience, because I can be very busy at times. 

I will be honest with you when I don't know how to help you I will tell you that.

But I can always give it a try, and you can call me Marleen. 
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life ain't treating me very well.
I have been so down in the dumps emotionally. I am ready to give up on life like never before. I just want to go away somewhere far far away. I moved to Ontario from BC and I just can't seem to get use to being here. I am sorry that I am sharing this with you but I feel like I have no one to talk to. I wish I would be on a piece of land somewhere where I never have to follow any of the government's rules or society. My dream was to live off the grid and just work on the land by growing food and not having to go out and earn it somewhere. I am currently looking for a home but keep hitting dead ends and that applies to work as well. I don't know if you have ever felt this way in your life but I've recently been unable to handle this burden. Every breath I take I ask myself could it just be the last - please. I have never been this lonely in my life ever. I lived in BC in my Van with hardly a penny but at least I was content and somewhat happy. Now, I feel like I have constant sadness in my heart...I did not realize my fate - feeling so emotionally drained.

I don't know if what I will write in this reply will help you a lot. If you want to feel stronger and have hope again, you're the only one who can do that. No-one else can do this for you. What I always say about life is "there are no obstacles, only lifelessons". The biggest lifelessons for most people is perseverance. Others are strength, focus on the good things in life (even if the least thing you think of is being alive!), love, patience, tolerance, respect and compassion. Perseverance is your lifelesson now. Keep on walking the path of life. You never know what tomorrow, or even today, can bring. It doesn't mean that when you experience setbacks, that you will keep experiencing setbacks for the rest of your life. There is hope for everyone. ALSO for you! Try to keep your head up high. Never be afraid or ashamed to ask for help. It's also OK to feel down and emotional when things get rough in your life. It's ok to cry. But it's not ok to let yourself drown into it. You must roll up your sleeves and think of ways to get out of your situation. Ask people for help. If one person doesn't help you, someone else will. Don't think you have to face this all by yourself. Keep asking for work. I have known a time myself when I was unemployed for five years, and I know what it felt like. Until one day someone gives you a chance, and that will also happen for you, as long you keep on learning the lifelesson perseverance. You're the only one who needs to tell yourself "Nothing will stay the way it is. There's still hope for me, and I will never ever give up to get where I want to be." Nothing in life is perfect, and nothing goes easy in life, but with hope, strength and a postive attitude, you can reach many things. Just look at life like a big mountain with endless stairs. Just take it step by step. You'll get there.

I emailed you ;-)

Hi Marleen,<br />
I am feeling a bit lonely today and would like to connect with someone on a regular basis - If you're available could you email me - michelleaddae@yahoo.com and use friendship as the sublect line opf the email<br />