I'm Here For You...

I need a friend alot of the times. i have none in real life....none. I have the normal work friends and my lover but i know how it feels to feel alone, so if you need me i am here. message me and lets be there for each other. Don't be shy if you have demons i do too, if your an addict i am too, if your depressed i am too. If you just need and ear or someone to read your blog to make you feel alive in this world of silences i'll be there.

pinksapphire pinksapphire
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I wish that you've a place for me as well :)...

I will take you up on your offer, if it still stands - latest tonight when I'm alone and lonely which is just about every night.

I've got time...i've got a desk job...time time time...lol