I Need Someone To Talk To.

I didn't know where to post this, but I figure that someone who joined this experience might be willing to help me. I have been in a very serious relationship for a little over 3 years now with someone we will just call X. Last august, X had to move to the other side of the world, thus beginning a long distance relationship. I love him so much. He is absolutely amazing. However, this guy (lets call him Y) that I have known for a long time also began to talk to me again. Ive been talking to him for over a year now as well, and at first it was just about regular stuff and nothing too out there. But then those talks began to become more personal, about our hopes and dreams and fears. we had a deeper connection. we began to talk everyday. I cant imagine my life without Y. X is the ABSOLUTE complete opposite of me. but we made it work. however, i commited to X at an age where i defintely wasnt emotionally ready. I was so young. but i love him, more than anything. I want to be with him and i know i will marry him. Now...Y has told me he has strong feelings for me. I know for a fact that I have feelings for him. but i also know i will NEVER be able to be with him. ever. regardless if i broke up with Y (for reasons beyond my control). I need both of them in my life and i know it is selfish for me to hold onto Y, so I told him we should stop talking for a while. I feel horrible, like i lost my best friend. What should I do?
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im alittle late answering this but anytime you need to talk send me a message i dont care what you need to talk about i will listen and if you need help if i dont know how to i will try to find a way

I have a song for you...it has no answers for you...I'm afraid the wisest thing I can suggest is trust your heart...<br />
<br />
now for that song...<br />
<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swTrjqOpdrs&feature=related<br />
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I was Mr X and my girlfriend chose Mr Y. - It hurt like only the cast aside can know...but you know I'm not here to bring you down girl...I'm here to say you know what - life has a way about it that the consequences of our choices after we've made them no longer are yours to control - thats when life takes over and brings in the new opportunities that only exist as a result of choices made...<br />
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The thing is - don't fear making your choice - but make your choice you have to...and once you've made that choice get busy transforming your choice into great happiness - because you can bet all who are affected by your choices will be fine and will heal and will be rewarded their cache of happiness too<br />
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you have nothing but my/our support no matter what you choose<br />
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choose happiness its that simple...saying this though don't make it an easy thing for you - ah life what a beautiful glorious biatch she is...I ******* love her

this it the popular case that most of people in this small world are facing, the question always is : " bf/gf or yr best friend " y have no authority over both of them that y could not make one of them sad But this life is not perfect y must choose one. i dont give y an answer because it is yr choice, its your life, y make it. Just think ab a situation when X or Y is considering between you and a strange girl . what is yr feeling ???

Thats just it. I know i have to stay with X. i love him. and there is no CHOICE for me between them. theres no way ill EVER get to be with Y. EVER. for reasons beyond my control. I wouldnt care if we never have anything romantic between us. i just miss his friendship so much. i miss my friend. but i cant have him in my life anymore and thats what kills me.

ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaa i understand your feeling exactaly <br />
Bec. i have this problem before and it is very baddddd to feel that and u feel also that if u think in your life without anyone of them that there is something missing ...<br />
but u must to choose the one that u love because u will must one day to choose between them <br />
but you cant tell Y that u love X <br />
so god with u to choose the right thing

thats exactly how i feel. sometimes being perfect for each other is just not enough. thank you so much for commenting, really means a lot.

Wow i kinda know how you feel. i was the Y guy in a story not so much different then yours, but i was also in the same possition that you were in. its so sad because i know how you feel when you said that its like losing your best friend because i feel the same way , me and this girl talked for a long time before we realized our feelings for each other and it just felt like we were perfect for each other! but the reality was that we could never be together cause we were both taken and she decided to stop our talks and its just sad. all we can do is hold on to the memories that we had and move on it sucks and its life.