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hello all,got a story 4 you, i found this site couple of weeks ago, didnt have any idea what it was about just knew i was hurt and lonely, i found a freind that night who told me how to get started and has been my freind every since, im about dumb as dirt about computer stuff and writin, think people think im messin with um sometime but im not, anyway found some freinds on here, talked to a lot of people on here, sometime feel as if i was somehow drawn to this site , i got way to much time on my hands right now, found a lot of good advise, and have even give some advice probably not good advice lol, heard some tall tell and some sad stories, now im not so hurt and lonely as i was time does ez the pain somewhat, lookin around my house though its pretty lonely since no one here but me lol, i am learning how to deal with pain own my on and with help from family and freinds, and this site to, guess what im tryin to say is if the real world was like people ive meet on here it would b a better place, thanks to all my freinds and here for all there help whether u knew you helped r not u did even the tall tales were a blessing to me lol, so lets all b nice to one another and remember that the advice you give my be taken to heart i did the good and the bad, this has got to b the longest story i wrote, and even if it dont make since i meant every word ,ps i still have room for more freinds thanks all, steve
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This is my first time on this site, I'm not really sure how I found it I tend to think it found me. I have not written my story yet but I will when I can get the words on paper, (screen in this case) but I'm alone and I see that it has helped you so there is hope for me. I see by the screen name you might be the mighty deer hunter?? The only thing that has not changed in my life is I still love the out doors can not get enough of it. Well you have a great day, and you are or seem to be on the right track. Keep doing it. The sun is shinning here going to try and make the most of it. Have a most wonderful day.

What a touching story, I am sorry you have been so recently hurt. May this pass quickly for you. But, I really am glad you found this site. I just found it myself. I am lucky, in that my grown daughter and grandson live with me, so I don't feel lonely, though I do wish sometimes for a companion. <br />
I find this site to be a hoot. Whatever kind of mood I am in, I can find something to relate to. I am glad it is working for you, too. Have a great day.

you are so right! this is the place to be. no matter why we are here....there is something good here for us. i can't imagine life without the beautiful friends i've made. they are second...only after my son, in my life. i do hope you continue to find healing here. and shoot!! have fun!! nothing like a good ole time to get your mind off stuff ;) happy ep-ing, my new friend. smiles, sunni

You are right there is a great people here, they are nice and caring, you are one of them, so always remember we all here for you, so you are not lonely anymore...<br />
My deep respect and support to you...

You are not alone. And am happy that you have found something to do and have fun with. Cheers from Singapore.