I'm sitting here wishing i could write a good story for once. one that when people read it would understand what i really was saying. i've come to realize that since i;ve been here on ep i've received a lot of good advise, just wish i knew how to but it to good use. i believe in time that my pain will go away and i will move on with my life. i hope that i to in someway have touched some one.(in a good way). i wish that in the real world people would be as nice as they have been here, so i'm going to someway try to figure out how to be a very nice person in the real world to,(not that i'm a bad person just have always like to b alone, and now that i am alone i don't like it) b careful what you wish for you just might get it. so i hope that we could all be just as nice in the real world as we are here, hey we got to start somewhere, who knows that stranger you meet today might b me, and could turn out to b your best Friend, so i will be looking for each one of you to day as i take my journey though life , hope i find you my Friend, wish someone would find me
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Wow I just joined your circle I hope you do not mind...but I find that I love your words..I can feel the vibrations of truth...Thanks for sharing such a great story....and I think I am going to spend more time reading my friends storys...instead of just logining in and findsing stores and question just at random... I have a lot of friends that I need to know better...words are so impotant...we need to share all of our Love and Light...we could still change things...the more we glow the more we know...Ho....Love and Light Mary

thanks to all my dear freinds

I couldn't have said it any better that neuilly :), and the rest of the people here have already said it all. this is truly a very touching post. I've never really talked to a stranger all my life to be honest, and my first experience was in EP. It took me by surprise at first, how this community is ba<x>sed, the unity, and the freedom there is to communicate and connect with strangers who share the a thing or two in common. but having you said this makes me want to try and do that in real life. That way perhaps we can make EP a reality.


For the moment your life is in transition. your in the process of ending a relationship. So you will feel, sad and alone. But going forward, you do need to try and be with people. It's too sad of a life, to live life as a loner. Perhaps, sharing, talking with people here at EP, will make you more comfortable reaching out to others. It will help you develop skills of friendship. <br />
<br />
To assist you when you are out in the real world, make an effort to smile and to nod at passers by, and to make eye contact. When shopping for groceries, make an effort to say hello to the clerk, again smile, make eye contact. All oft hat will help you get comfortable with being around strangers and in addition will help you reach out to others. <br />
<br />
Your a good person, You deserve a good life, and you good people in your life. But you have a responsability to help these people get into your life. To do that ,you have to open the door of your life. you have to welcome them in . You do that by having a smile on your face and a welcome in your heart.<br />
<br />
As always,<br />
Neuilly<br />
(and kudos, you posted the story in the right group !!!, I"m impressed)

g'mornin, friend :)

What a great story and what a great person you are. Kind and good. I am sorry you don't like beimg alomne. Maybe a roommate? Some people just are designed to live alone, but may not have a good marriage either. Just because you are not married doesn't mean you have to be alone. <br />
I will practice your "be nice to everyone" today,. As they say, you never know when you will entertain an angel. Be good, My Friend.

thanks freind