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Within The Folds Of The Pryde

I am always there for people who need a friend. I have no problem staying awake ridiculously late if that is what it takes to calm someone down who is in crisis. I don't like to think that me and my pryde are not capable of helping even the darkest of hard luck cases but there are some people who refuse to be helped and who have all but signed their lives away. For them, there's nothing I can do for within the folds of the pryde we are movers and shakers at heart. We'll dive into quicksand and by the sheer force of positive thought and raw determination, we'll rise to the surface without needing a rope. I don't ask for much from friends: integrity, trust, honor, commitment, loyalty, understanding, love. There are always certain self destructive personalities though that I do apologize on behalf of the Pryde for we just can't afford to get close to you. But the rest are welcome to rest within our comforting halls, to sleep protected by the full power of the pryde. In consultation with the one of the wisest of sisters, we had in truth considered eliminating minors from consideration as friends due to numerous disappointments but in the words of our dear wise sister: give the benefit of the doubt to most if not all until proven otherwise and then act accordingly. This is exactly what the Pryde intends to do.
RoaringFlameLostinShadow RoaringFlameLostinShadow 31-35, M May 1, 2011

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