Need An Ear And A Shoulder To Cry?..Im All Yours!!

I am here for anyone, regardless of gender, or sex, or age, you wanna talk?..hit me up, i'm all ears. I'm open minded, so have no fear of getting mad or blocking you. Wanna ask a question?..then fire up. Wanna clear up some stuff?..well, i'll try my best. All you need to do is just add me up and start chatting. And if u seriously feel depressed or down, feel free to talk to me.
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6 Responses Aug 12, 2011

I would love to chat sometime if you aren't busy. (:

Thanks for the invite! I will most definitely keep you in mind . . .take care!

i will make u a friend

I can't talk to anyone about my problems. My bf is an amazing guy but he really isn't someone to share with either. Living inside my head is getting exhausting. Numbing myself every hour of the day takes all the energy I have. My best friends are gone. The last one has just gotten a girlfriend who didn't like me. I didn't like her either. Gold digging bimbo from Florida with obvious extentions and equally obvious motives. Alas, he has chosen her- who he has only known for a few months, over me. 2 decades of friendship. Have written him a letter but don't know if there's any point in sending it. Probably no point- much like writing this, getting up in the morning, breathing.

Thanks.I need someone to talk now

Thanks, I just might take you up on your offer : )

where are you from?