I'm Here For Anyone

Hello, my name is Pallida, and I'm just curious if there's anyone on here that is depressed or suicidal, please add me or send me a message if you are, but it's your decision, I just want to help people as much as possible, that's all I ask for. I've experienced depression for 2 years now, and I've tried everything to get rid of it except drugs, I don't want to take drugs cause they'll make me happy in a fake way, and I don't want that, I want true happiness, and I'm pretty positive ill never be cured, but I'm ok with that as long as I helped others and haven't wasted my life, I will at least die feeling good inside. I know how depression is, and I hope you get better if your depressed, and please feel free to add me or send me a message, I will listen to what you gotta say then ill do my best to help, thanks for reading.
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Why do you say you'll never be cured, My God heals people - if you would believe on Him (Jesus Christ). I have been healed of depression myself.

You have a kind heart. The world needs more people like you who are willing to listen to others people's stories and not judge them... Thank you so much

FrankAndDoubleT,<br />
You seem like a genuinely kind person. Love yourself for it. If the world had more people like you, there would be a lot less wars and bouts. Battling depression can be tough. I'm struggling through it too. Message me if you would like to talk. For some reason, I'm a lot better at listening and helping others more so than myself.<br />
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Hugs,<br />

I wish you I would have found you when I was depressed :)

Hello there. I'm adding you.<br />
I used to be very depressed too. Not anymore, just maybe a short moment daily but overall life is great! Maybe we could chat and let's see if my methods work for you or not.<br />
<br />
Let's pass on our stories, let our pains not be wasted and help other people as much as we can. :)

Dude, that's really cool. I'd say you have a pretty healthy perspective and I hope a lot more people would have the same positive outlook in life. I'll remember you whenever I feel down (which happens frequently) , then I know someone will totally listen.

Feel free anytime

you should be a psychologist, =3 but the first rule of psychology is you don't talk about it!, your feelings that is, to your patients because it can cause them much more pain and other stresses to hold on to and you would lose your job. (this goes for all lines of work inwich your helping others)<br />
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also, i am happy you have made an impact on someone's life. Though, you could help so many more people if you were to not just focus on suicide and depression. There are billions of perceptions in our world. There are also more factors to suicide and depression to look into then just loneliness, like trauma and all sorts of neurological disorders. Sometimes, people say there suicidal because they just want someone to talk to because they maybe think that people will listen, instead of waiting for their turn to talk.

nice to know youre there for us.not to get too into it but ive been going through some major **** and am so stressed out

You can talk about it if you wish.

wow you sound real nice, that's made me smile for the 1st time today

I think your the first person of everybody I met that said I was nice, thank you.

you have a good heart... and i know about not wanting to take the fake "happy pills"... ive declined for years...<br />
its not an easy road, feeling this way...