I Will Accept Anyone As A Friend....

As long as they are respectful and they don't have too much sexual content, as I don't want that showing up in the message board. I am here to make friends and share experiences, not for sex, period.. I like to share stories, and experiences and maybe once ina while, a good recipe. I am pretty good if someone needs advice, but i can also just listen. I just don't want any "fake" friends, I have had to many of those in life as it is. Is sincerity too much to ask for? It shouldn't be, as with loyalty. Why is it so hard for people to just be a good friend when you need them?
moonlightromantic moonlightromantic
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10 Responses Mar 29, 2012

Hi, I need someone to talk to..

Sure...me too

hiiii..u sound absolutely like me...it seems like someone has penned down my own thoughts...wud love to b ur fren..or anyone else who thinks the same..im 34 yr old n hav a 7 yr old daughter...wud love to share recipes too.. i m Indian...which country r u in??

Hi, can I be your friend..

Hello! You sound like a nice sincere person. Hope we can become friends :)

I was so scared this would turn into some kind of sex site... Ur post is refreshing! Would love to be friends!

I really want you to be my friend...

Sounds good. I agree, except for exchanging recipes. I'm not into that.

I will take a note on that, but I do enjoy getting a good recipe on occasion..I think we will become very good friends. I like your sense of humor.. ;-)

Sounds good to me

Thank you. I look forward to getting to know you and hopefully become good friends. :-)

Me too!

Welcome, it is nice to meet you, i hope we will become friends.